Monday, August 16, 2004

Hellooooo Old Friend!!!

Patrick soccer tryout update...He made the game but only played half a game. I'll explain why a little bit later. No word on whether there are cuts or not.

B update....If everything goes as planned, he'll be coming home TODAY!!! Yippeee! Pat and I went up to visit him yesterday afternoon. He's looking well and said it didn't hurt too bad. He didn't seem to be too uncomfortable. I told him the story about me running to him and wetting myself. He was amused like I knew he would be. LOL He's in the same ICU room that Carrie was in for 3wks in Dec/Jan (she had meningitis). I saw Carrie's 2 favorite nurses and got a hug. :o)

I got a phone call on Saturday night that I've been wanting to get for quite a while. It was from my best friend since 3rd grade, Connie. She lives in Georgia and we haven't talked in quite a while. Although when we do talk it's like we've never been apart. I feel blessed to have a friend like her. Connie has 6 kids (one was born silent at 42wks) her baby is 4 days older then Carrie, so is about to turn 10yo.

We made plans to meet at my parents's house. I've been wanting to get in for a visit seeing as how I haven't been there in about a month. She considers them her second set of parents and wanted to see them too. So we were suppose to meet at 3. Unfortunately circumstances beyond my control made me half an hour late! We had a great visit, although it was much too short. When she left it wasn't too sad though. I ended up with her email addy. So now we'll be able to keep in touch all the time!

Connie's younger brother (11mos younger, Connie was the 2nd child of 7 children) and mom came too. It was great to see Joe. He was always extremely shy when we were growing up. I used to pick on him a bit but didn't think he really cared whether I was around or not. LOL (we used to live at one another's house) Guess he did. :o) My mom and Connie's were talking in the diningroom while Connie and I were on the backporch/florida room talking. Connie's mom laughed and I just stopped dead in the middle of our conversation. She has the greatest laugh. I excused myself, jumped off the couch, ran into the diningroom and gave her a HUGE hug. I told her I missed that laugh. It was SO great to hear it! *Ugh! I'm crying while writing this...I'm such a heel*

After they left my mom and I got into a very interesting conversation. One I never thought my mom and I would have. We were talking about our sexlives. ROFL!!! It was a very interesting conversation although it was a difficult one to have. My dad and the 6 kids I brought with me kept walking through the room or interrupting us. I guess we'll be able to continue it uninterrupted the weekend of the 27th when we have a girl's weekend at my grandmother's camp. There's a huge arts and crafts festival up there (Cape Vincent/Alex Bay area) then...I'm looking forward to it!

My dad cooked burgers and hotdogs for us. I made some cole slaw and sauteed some zucchini (he grew it) and mushrooms for dinner. Everyone ate well. We brought the kids' bikes to ride (they live on a dead end street) so they enjoyed being able to ride them without too much thought toward traffic. I took a tour around my dad's gardens and we talked for a long time about what I want to do around my house, what he wants to do around his house. He kept asking me if I wanted plant X that he was planning on dividing or digging up. I told him...I'll take ANYTHING you want to get rid of! I have so much garden space...I can use anything. I don't think he's growing anything that I don't care for. So looks like I'll have to start planning and getting plots ready. I asked him if he wanted to help me make some plans for the different areas...he said sure! He just finished landscaping my sister's yard, so hopefully doing the planning and not the work will be ok. Although I'm sure I'll be wishing for his help once I have to do the actual WORK! LOL

Oh yeah, why did Pat only play half a game on Saturday? His back is bothering him. It bothered him last soccer season on and off but while playing Saturday it really bothered him! I took him to the dr's yesterday morning (one of the circumstances beyond my control! And yes, my dr has office hours on Sunday...I love the guy!). Dr said it was sciatica related to stress/sprain. Pat has to rest it until Wednesday, then has limited activity for the next week. Dr wrote him an excuse from soccer until the 25th. Hopefully it won't hurt Pat's chances to be on the team!

Ok...EVERYONE is home (except Tom, who's at work) So hopefully we can all work to get this place back to a liveable habitat. The mess is driving me you KNOW it has to be bad!

Just wanted to make a note...AF arrived late Monday night. Of course it waited until AFTER I used up my last FRE test. I am now testless! UGH!

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