Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Getting ready

Tom went back to work today. I was sad to see him go, although there were a few times this week when him being at worked seemed like a GOOD idea. LOL

We're starting to get ready for the summer conference. I finally got the popup's roof repaired....at least I hope it won't leak anymore. I had to sew a seam in a few spots then I sealed it with canvas cement. I didn't get it cleaned out like I thought I would but hopefully I'll do it tomorrow. I may not need to clean it though. It looks like it's going to rain tonight and tomorrow so I don't know if we will be able to tow the popup out of the backyard :o(

I've figured we can put a few pup tents up, using the screenhouse for protection if we need it (and it looks like we will need it...rainshowers in forecast almost everyday). I think we might be able to use the popup mattresses to sleep on in the tents....but they might be too big. I'll have to check.

Tom's oldest brother called tonight to tell me go get myself over to the conference grounds and get a site NOW! People are grabbing all the spots pretty quickly. I don't need any water or electricty...just a flat field to set up my tents and screenhouse! With so much construction going on over there though I'm not really sure where I'll be able to set up if the site BIL told me about is gone.

My sil with the 14 kids is going to pick me up tomorrow so we can go to the farmer's market and run to get some things at the store. I feel like I'll have to run out again after that anyways...but I hope not. I know I'm definitely going to need propane which I can't get at the grocery store. UGH! I need another week!!! This thing has just jumped up here. It's usually held the second week of August but for some reason it's the first week. It's thrown me for a loop. I'll be pretty busy for the next few days to say the least.

While getting ready I've had a monkey wrench thrown into the mix...It's my back. I keep getting a shooting pain into the lower right of my back. If I sit too long, stand too long, lay too long. It's like it's on the verge of truly going out on me but not quite. I do NOT need this right now!!!! I was just in tears carrying clothes down the cellar stairs. I had to do a load so I'd have clean clothes to go shopping in. I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to go shopping really. If it gets any worse or becomes a constant pain I can't see me doing too much of anything. It seems like there is always something happening to us when summer conference comes around.

'94...was 8.5mos pg with Carrie and blood pressure was off the roof. Ended up being sent home to get on the couch.
'95...was in the middle of a miscarriage that took over 10 days to end.
'96...Jake was born. Came home from the hospital the day the conference started
'97...Carrie's bone marrow transplant. We were in Boston still
'98...I had Eileen in July so that year was fine. I even camped with everyone (except Tom).
'99...Was newly pg with Olivia...exhausted and morning sickness. We still camped.
'00...Pretty sure this was a good time..although I know we had hand foot and mouth this summer.
'01...Summer of chronic sickness. Had kids with mono and pnuemonia
'02...REALLY bad case of headlice
'03...Was a very good time!

Let's just hope that this weekend proves to be as much fun as last year did. And my back decides to behave!!! Well back is hating my chair right now. So I'll try and update tomorrow as to how things are progressing.

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