Thursday, March 17, 2005

I really should learn to...

listen to myself. Yesterday I mentioned the need to keep something to raise my blood sugar with me at all times. Well, it went in one ear and out the other on my end. Val never did call home to be picked up yesterday. About 2ish I felt comfortable with the fact she wouldn't need me so Liz, Olivia and I went out shopping. We hit the fabric store first and found some valentines day fabric reduced 60%. Liz bought an adorable red silky material with Hello Kitty and conversation hearts on it. We're thinking they'd make great pj bottoms and maybe a camisole. I'm worried about Liz using this on her first major project. I'm trying to convince her to try out the pants pattern with a bunch of flanelette I have.

We then hit the mall to look for some clearance sales. I also had ordered a new dishwasher from Sear's yesterday and they had it in stock. Silly me thought we could somehow figure out a way to squeeze the machine into my Olds trunk. It's big but it's not THAT big. The guy at Sear's looked at the trunk and wouldn't even consider trying it. I guess I'll have to wait until we get someone with a bigger vehicle to get it. :o(

Sear's actually had some decent clearance sales, including an additional 50% off Land's End clearance tickets. Liz got a cute LE jean skirt for $1.50. I think we got something for each of the girls. There wasn't anything decent for anyone else, including gender neutral baby stuff. I was hoping I'd find some cheap cute stuff for the baby.

We struck out at Old Navy, not a stinking thing under my price limit. I did drool and almost buy some maternity t-shirts for $10ea. It's a bit higher then I like to pay but I have a feeling I'm not going to have too much of a choice. I'm getting impatient with she fat or is she pg phase I'm in. Although my belly is getting a bit rounder, it would be obvious with a maternity shirt on. LOL

I always have to run into Kay-bee toys when I'm at the mall. Their clearance stuff makes for great stocking stuffers and things to wrap when there's a birthday party to go to. I bought out all their Hulk pens with a game at the end. I can consider myself done with my nephew's Christmas presents now...$.99ea I bought a few Tiny Steps Baby Kelly sets for $2.50ea. Actually they were $7.99ea or 2 for $5. Luckily I was paying attention when he rung out the third one and saw it ring up for the single price. Foolishly I had Liz run back and grab a 4th set so I could pay $2.50 less and essentially get the 4th free. LOL I also bought Tom a handheld jeapordy game (THE best show in his eyes) and myself a scrabble game. Gotta get the neurons moving and exercized.

As we left the toy store I started feeling cruddy. I realized I hadn't eaten in a long time and my sugar was dropping quickly. I was so tired and didn't want to function. I got to the food court, found out Arby's takes cc/debit cards and ordered. Thing fish sandwich wasn't made and it'd take 5 minutes for it to be done. I sat at the table, ate a few of the girl's curly fries and hoped the 5mins would be quick. I was kicking myself for not having something in my purse to grab to eat. Even my glucose tablets were at home, although I'm not sure how they got out of my purse (remember holding them on Sunday). I couldn't imagine what the girls would have done if I'd passed out. I really have to be more careful about that! It also hit me...I didn't have my monitor or my insulin. Here I was well past dinner and hadn't had my evening dose of insulin. What if my car broke down and I was stuck somewhere for a while. Not a good thing. I was worried about driving home but luckily the fish sandwich, a few more curly fries and a swig of root beer made me feel relatively better. I'm finding I get crampy when on me feet a lot. I'm going to be in big time trouble this summer if this continues! I feel like I won't be able to walk by then. My feet/ankles were hurting too so I cut things short. We ran to Walmart and then got home shortly after bedtime.

This AM my sugar was up to 114. (has to be under 100) I haven't been that high in quite a while. I'm not sure exactly what did it. One thing I picked up at WM was a timer. I've found since my numbers have been better I'm not remembering to test regularly. So now I set the timer for an hour after I eat so I'll be reminded to test.

Val went to school this morning but she's still not feeling well. The nurse called about 8:45am to let me know she needed to be picked up. I couldn't run out because the school bus hadn't even picked up the 2nd trip kids yet. Pat ran over there to get her before he went to classes. She's been laying around and napping most of the day. She's sick of feeling yucky and mentioned trying the surgery so it would be done and over with. I don't blame her a bit.

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