Monday, March 14, 2005

Making it all about me now

Can't let my kids totally take over here! LOL

At my dr appt on Thursday I found out that I lost 2lbs, my sugar numbers were in a great range, that I don't have to be seen again for 2wks...woohoo! BUT (there's always a but) my blood pressure was up to 150/100. :o( I let them know that I've had readings like that at home occassionally but never consistantly. I also asked about my edema. I noticed a few days last week that my ankles were quite swollen. I always have some pitting but the severity of it comes and goes. I wasn't sure how much was too much. The dr decided to up my water pill. This will hopefully reduce my swelling and lower my pressure at the same time. I also had to get put on a potassium supplement to counteract what the water pill removes. The things are horse pills and if I'm not careful make me gag. The other option is to eat a banana or 1/2 a peach everyday. I opted for the pill for a few reasons. I'm not too hot on peaches, so so on bananas...especially after eating them often. I'd have a hard time keeping them in the house. I'd also have a hard time fitting it into my diet. I'm allowed 3 fruit allowances throughout the day (1 fruit allowance is 1/2 a banana). I tend to convert 1 or 2 of my fruit allowances to starch anyways. I figure if I plan to eat a banana or peach during the day I'll just not take the pills for that day.

I was a bit surprised while sitting with Val in the hospital. I was sure my sugar would be high and I just expected it. I ended up chasing my numbers every evening instead. They were really low, as in the 60s after dinner. I was eating jelly beans, candy, ice cream to get it up. I was terrified I'd bottom out while I slept. When I was in that hospital with Carrie the year before (different area of the hospital though) I was given a food tray for every meal. It didn't happen this time. I finally asked for a breakfast tray one morning so I wouldn't have to run to the cafeteria and miss the dr when he came. They ordered me a tray and I got was ALL carbs. Toast with jelly, cereal with milk, and a juice cup. I could have made or gotten most of that from the floor kitchen. Made me wish I'd just run down and grabbed my regular breakfast of an english muffin with peanut butter. Not like it cost me a ton, it was only $.38! Lunches were easy, they had tons of sandwiches to choose from along with side salads. The sandwiches were a bit bigger then those I'd eat at home but obviously if my numbers weren't was ok, so I was ok with it. LOL

Dinner was a bit trickier and I think that's where my problems came in. I did get a leftover tray Friday night which was lasagna, mashed potatoes and green beans. I didn't eat it all but ate more then my allowances. It was STILL LOW! I thought stress raised blood sugar levels. Oh well. I made it through...that's all that matters. Now to get my nose back to the grindstone.

I've developed a bit of a belly lately. I'd say it was just that my jelly belly has gotten firm, but I do think it's actually grown. With my general biggness it's still not clear whether I'm pg or a big bellied lady. I've notice people (like nurses) sizing me up trying to figure out which it is. Maybe some maternity shirts would clue people in. I've noticed that when I'm lazy it tends to swing. If this keeps up I'll be waddling like a penguin in a few months! LOL

One thing I was worried about was my sciatica. I thought sitting in a chair all day and night would make it flair up really bad. Thankfully it didn't flair up at all! I'm thinking about sneaking back to the hospital and stealing my chair sleeper. ;o)

Yesterday when we got home the kids were telling me that they were joking that Val and I were going to stay in the hospital until I had the baby. I laughed about it at first but then it was a chilling thought. If they only knew that it could possibly happen. The amount of diabetics who develop pre-e is a bit unsettling to me...especially with my chronic pressure problems.

I guess I can't let it ALL be about me. Val update. She seems to be a bit less pain this morning and slept well. We've seen some teeny objects on the dust. When I touched it it disintegrated. I'm hoping this means that the stone has fallen into the bladder, which means pain should be about over. Also that she passes it today and she can be done with it.

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