Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And in a fit of sleepiness

I hit the publish button instead of the save as a draft button last night. LOL Oh well, at least it didn't stop midsentence like I thought it did. Although I have to admit I can't quite remember where else I was going to go with my thoughts last night. Just that I wasn't finished. So consider yourself spared. LOL

My visit with my parents was nice although a bit tense at times. My dad has been told he needs to go back in for a by-pass. In Oct of '97 he had a triple by-pass done. Two of the three new lines are now blocked again and angioplasty wasn't cutting it a few weeks ago. He's terrified (I don't blame him) and doesn't want to go through all that pain and recovery again (don't blame him here either). He thinks because he's not feeling any symptoms he doesn't need to do it now. I tried to tell him NOW was the perfect time to do it...while he was still healthy. If he waits until he has symptoms his heart and body are going to be in worse shape to handle the stress he'll have to put it under. He agreed but it doesn't make the decision any easier. It's especially hard on him because he's convinced he's living on borrowed time. He was 58 when he went in for surgery the first time. Since I've been a little girl I've heard him say he wasn't going to live to see 60. His father, all this uncles and his brother all died when they were 59. He felt it's a family curse. So every year after that is borrowed time and he's tempting fate to end his luck by doing it again. I hate to see him go into this with such a depressed attitude. It really bothered/scared me last time too.

I keep suggesting he get pigheaded and determine this thing isn't going to beat him. Nor is it going to stop all the great things he had planned to do this spring/summer. To go in, get it done and come out with the plan to recover as quickly and as well as he could.

He's seeing the surgeon tomorrow and we both have a feeling that I'll be spending my birthday Tuesday in a cardiac waiting room. Of course he said I don't have to be there and shouldn't be spending my birthday that way. I told him I wasn't going to be there for HIM. Besides what better way to celebrate my birthday but to have my dad open his eyes and say Happy Birthday after getting out of surgery! :o)

I didn't get a chance to talk to Tom too much about it yet but my parents want the 4 of us to go out to eat Friday night for my birthday. I'll have to call and pin him down on a decision this afternoon so I can let them know.

Today's plan of action is to ignore my desire to go overhaul my kitchen and head into my bedroom. I HAVE to get it done and out of the way. It's bugging me that I have it hanging over my head. I also want to start sewing which is difficult right now seeing as my sewing supplies tipped over and are on my bedroom floor under some clothes. I guess you could say I was hit with a clue by four that I need new clothes on Saturday. While D and I were grocery shopping I split the back of my skirt. I crouched down to put 2 gallons of milk on the bottom of my cart and the seam ripped out from the slit up to the middle of my buttocks. Luckily I had my coat on and could tie it around my belly. Tom wondered if I gave anyone a peek show. I told him...probably but if granny pants are what it takes to float their boat....glad I could oblige. LOL

Random thought for the day....How many trips to the store does it take until you remember to buy food coloring/paste. (need it to color eggs this weekend)

Answer...Hopefully less then it takes to remember to buy mouse traps (nope, still haven't gotten them) I told the girls to remind me to get them before we ran into the store last night. Realized I forgot to get them as we walked out the store doors. Liz insisted she reminded me 2 times while in there but I don't remember hearing her. *heavy sigh*

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