Sunday, March 06, 2005

Olivia is FIVE!

Happy Birthday Olivia! Olivia was induced at 38wks and was born at 4:19pm (same time as LUKE!) weighing 6lbs 9oz, sharing my smallest baby slot with Patrick. (and now also Danielle)

Her stats....
Olivia Nicole
March 6, 2000
6lbs 9oz

Olivia's pregnancy was eventful right from my first dr appt. I didn't get in for that until 15wks as I was trying to avoid as many appts as possible. They had me monitoring my bloodpressure right from the start. When I was 17wks I did my initial bloodwork including a 1 hr GTT (glucose tolerance test). I was called the next day saying I had to go on the gestational diabetic diet and monitor my sugar as it was high. I was also to visit the high risk clinic in the city(a pain to drive to and park at). The thought was that I needed to be on insulin. The weekend before my high risk clinic appt my blood pressure shot up and wouldn't come down with rest. It was 168/104. I was scared senseless and Tom was a bit irritated that I was an emotional wreck and stuck on the couch. I went online and printed info on pregnancy induced high blood pressure and toxemia out so he'd understand a bit. It helped. The high risk dr put me on blood pressure meds and said my sugar numbers didn't indicate a need for insulin at the time.

I gauged how active to be according to my bloodpressure throughout the day and tried to lay down on my left side at least once a day. The medicine actually did a decent job of keeping it under control for the most part. If I wasn't careful it would go up and stay was taking it easy a lot. My OB kept insisting I needed insulin and sending me to the Peri. The peri didn't agree with him and kept sending me back empty handed...until I was 34wks. At 34wks he finally agreed but wouldn't put me on insulin. His reasoning was that by the time we got my insulin doseage regulated, it would be time to induce me (peri was thinking 37wks).

From 28wks on I was monitored closely with weekly visits, NSTs and also biophysical workups. Olivia liked to take her time to respond and get me threatened with a trip to L&D. One day she was excited and her heartrate was over 200 for a long time. Just as they were about to send me to L&D she calmed down and they relaxed. For the first time in all my pregnancies I called the dr's office and asked to be seen. I hadn't felt the baby move much and I was scared. The nurses let me know that I scared the daylights out of them. They knew I wasn't one to react without a reason and thought something was wrong for sure.

We were having a hard time picking out names. Nothing seemed right, or if it did it was already used. We have a lot of neices and nephews with names that we couldn't use (they all go to the same schools). The names Olivia and Isabelle kept coming up and they were totally not my style. Olivia grew on me and about a week before I was due to be induced I went to lunch with MIL. I told her that I was thinking of using Olivia and her reaction was...YUCK!!! LOL Oh well.

I was scheduled to be induced at 38wks. The NP informed me that they had 3 women with problems similar to me. I had presented with it first and the worst. They didn't think I'd make it to 28wks and was very glad when I hit 34wks. I was the LAST of the ladies to delivery. :o)

I was told to come in at 7am on March 6th for my induction. Tom and I took our time and left the house late. We knew that at 7, it would be shift change and the nurses would be in we didn't feel guilty. As the nurses were taking some info at the desk and getting things settled I was asked about names. When I mentioned I wasn't sure we got talking about odd names. The nurse informed me she went to school with twin boys whose names were Urson and Myson. I'm still not sure if she was fooling me or not. It was a fun way to start the morning anyway.

I was surprised to see that whole L&D floor was updated to huge birthing rooms. They had just recently been done and were pretty! I was hooked up to an IV and the pit was started. Knowing I'd had failed pit induction which were attempted further along then 38wks, I figured I due to be in labor a looong time. I was pleasantly surprised when the contractions started coming and stuck around. They weren't too hard to handle like pit contractions are either.

My dad surprised us and decided to stop by for a visit around noon. He was retired and home alone while my mom was a little lonely. He'd planned on staying for a bit, allowing Tom to take a break. The three of us had a nice time sitting and visiting while we waited for the pit to work it's magic.

About 2pm I could start to feel the contractions getting stronger. I had been debating whether to have an epidural or not all morning. I kept hearing how great it was during my pg. I kind of wanted to try it out seeing as this delivery was going to be "my last". When it seemed that my dad would be around for delivery it finally clinched it for me. I know he hates to see me uncomfortable, it makes him feel helpless. So I decided to have it done. Knowing that once I hit 4cm I zoom to 10 and delivery I asked for the epi before I really needed it. I'm pretty sure an inexperienced resident (under the guidance of an anesthesiologist) gave me an epi and saddleblock (because great grand multiparas tend to go too fast, not giving the epi time to take the saddleblock covered me if that happened). He poked me THREE times before he was's a good thing I wasn't in hard labor!

I did really enjoy going into transition with my epi! For the first time in all my deliveries..when the doctor asked me not to push...I had control over whether I did or not! No screaming...I'm not pushing! I can't help it! type of thing.

Olivia was an easy delivery and was perfect. It was my dad's first time seeing a birth and he was awestruck. I wondered if I'd feel funny with my dad watching...but it wasn't even a thought once I was ready to deliver. I'm glad he could be there.

Shortly after delivery our friend from church, Dr L (pediatric surgeon in the hospital I was at) came in. While visiting she looked at Olivia and asked if she looked a tad blue. I told her I'd call security and have her escorted out if she didn't stop! ;o) LOL She's super cautious and would've had her in NICU in a heartbeat. Olivia did have a problem keeping her blood sugar up for about the first 36hrs. They gave her a few supplements of glucose water along with my breastfeeding her. She was a great nurser.

I had a problem after delivery. After they removed my epi I asked to be allowed to go to the bathroom before they took me to my room (a private one!!!! woohooo!) As I got off the bed my head felt like it was about to explode. I asked for some tylenol as I got into the wheelchair. My headache didn't go away and ended up getting worse. I had a spinal headache. It was the WORSE thing I've ever had to deal with before. I tried tons of caffeine including a 2lt bottle of coke which only made me feeling like barfing. I spent 2 days on my back only moving to get Olivia in and out of her bed (she was rooming in). I even nursed her on my back. Everytime I'd try to sit up, get out of bed or stand up I'd end up with the back of my head into my shoulderblades and tears into my eyes.

On the 3rd day it was finally decided that it was indeed a severe spinal headache that I was suffering and that nothing was helping. That evening they did a blood patch* and within an hour I was jumping around like I was a kid! The nurses couldn't get over how different I was. I was discharged and got home shortly after everyone got into bed. A few older kids were up and had some special time with me...little ones got a surprise when they woke up.

*A blood patch is when an anesthesiologist redoes the epi. Then they take a vial of blood from your arm and insert it into the epi. The blood flows with the spinal fluid toward the leak. When it gets to the leak it blocks the leak and clots. Spinal fluid leak taken care of. After the epi is removed you have to lay for 30-60mins. After 15mins I was going crazy because I felt great and wanted to get up!!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Gosh, has it really been 5 years. I remember when she was born and it does NOT seem that long ago!

Paula said...

I had a spinal headache with my first (spinal due to c-s), and had to have the blood patch, only they waited 5 days before they did it! Nurses were so mad at them for not doing it sooner. In addition to the caffeine and IV fluids which were supposed to promote healing, they drugged me with Percoset. When my dr. returned from out of town and saw me and I told him that my ears were ringing, he just had a fit, said it was because of the drugs, and marched over to anesthesiologists and insisted they do the patch ASAP (he was head of OB at hospital so he got his way). I went home that afternoon. One of the reasons I have NOT had an epi since then.