Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Now that my glucose levels are down. I'm finding I have to be careful to stick to my diet and make sure I eat on time. This morning I tested after breakfast (had an english muffin with egg, cheese and canadian bacon) and found I was a 64!!! I'm sitting here with a few gummi hearts waiting for Liz to finish making me some french toast (her specialty). Guess I'm really going to need to make sure I have something to snack on or bring my sugars up quickly from now on.

Val went to school today even though she hasn't passed the stone and is still sore. I'm expecting her to call me to come get her soon. I made her take her pain medication before leaving. I'm sure after she socializes with her friends at lunch...sticking around for classes won't be so important. It's a bummer though because I really wanted to go visit my parents today. If I leave I'll be an hour away from the school...not a good idea. I can't even take Liz to the fabric store either. Hopefully we'll get that done tomorrow or Friday.

I forgot all about our unexpected news last week. Unlike Chris we have a REAL mouse problem. I'm sure Chris would gladly trade with me though. Val casually mentioned last Thursday morning AFTER her shower, that she saw a mouse in the bathroom before she got into the shower. LOL I finally remembered to let Tom in on the news Monday night. He forgot to buy traps yesterday. I should probably call him and remind him before he leaves work today. I'm trying to decide whether one sighting in a week is a good thing or not. And exactly how many of his friends did he invite to the party? It makes the idea of going down in the basement to clear out the bags of OLD stored clothes a little intimidating. They seem like the perfect place to set up mousey condos. Maybe I'll move that down my list just a bit.

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Paula said...

Maybe you should talk to dr. or nutritionist about lowering your insulin or raising your carbs. That's really low for after a meal. What was your fasting that morning?

And ALWAYS carry a carb snack--my endo used to lecture me about this and insist I keep one at the bedside as well. Oranges or granola bars travel well, I know a type 2 diabetic that carries a tube of frosting.