Monday, March 21, 2005

I feel like I've....

stepped into a Jetson's cartoon. LOL All around me work is being done with a push of the button. How do they think up these things?!? The dishwasher is now installed. Like all other installation and fix-it jobs, it didn't go as smoothly as planned. At least we had everything here we needed. Drew did most of the work with Tom's assistance on a few rethinking/reworking sessions. I think I have the 6th load in now as I type. It's so cool to not hear a dull roar, towel up leaking water and rewash spotty or unclean dishes anymore. Funny that my almost bottom of the line Kenmore is so much better then my top of the line Maytag (even compared to when it was brand new).

I didn't feel so well on Sunday after breakfast. I was exhausted and felt nauseated so took a short nap. Michelle and Val kept bugging me about going to the mall to look at prom dresses. I'm happy to announce that not only did we go, we managed to find Michelle the dress for her. I'd say it was perfect except for the fact it's a tad snug. It's not so snug that the seams are in jeapordy of popping or she looks like she's stuffed into it. It's snug enough where she might not be breathing as deeply as she normally would though. We called all over a few cities and no one had the dress in the next biggest size. I think we found 10 dresses in this size range the whole afternoon! I really wish the fashion industry would make clothes for society's needs instead of trying to dictate what society should have! We're not all a misses size FIVE!!! We're still keeping our eye out for dresses but at least we have the pressure off of us. It kills me to spend $100 on a dress for one night. I guess I can't say anything at least Michelle gets to KEEP her dress unlike the boys and their tuxes which cost about the same.

It was bugging me to have to wear a regular shirt and look fat instead of pregnant again. So I ran into Old Navy and I bought myself a tank top and 3 t-shirts! Woohooo! It's so nice to be dressing the part! I'm going to have to do something about my skirts now. The bulky flies and waistbands are making a mess under my tshirts.

Val hasn't passed her stone yet. :o( She forgot her pee strainer cup this morning so I had to run it to school for her. Even though I was dragging pretty good this morning I decided to go visit my parents. Unfortunately they weren't home. LOL It's a loooong trip to make just to turn back around and head home (30miles one way). So I took Olivia and Liz (stayed home from school AGAIN!) to the Asian Buffet for lunch. We sat there for about an hour and enjoyed the food. I stuck with mostly veggie foods.

We went back to my parents and they still weren't there so we decided to camp out in the driveway for about half an hour. They pulled in within 15mins. :o) We stayed and chatted until after 7pm. My dad made us some YUMMY homemade fried butterfly shrimp. I thought I did good on my eating but both my lunch and my dinner were up and a smidge over 140. I'll have to be really good tomorrow and see if it's time to up my morning doseage. I'm assuming it was just that I didn't eat normal though.

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