Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Valerie!!!

Valerie's turned 15yo today.

Her stats...

Valerie Suzanne
March 9, 1990
7lbs 15oz

Her pregnancy occurred at an interesting time. We'd just moved sold our mobile home in a trailer park and moved into a 17ft travel camper on our land. We were building our house. We didn't have electricity or running water. Our bathroom was a rent a potty you'd find on construction sites...really fun when dealing with m/s. I felt so pioneer'y working along Tom on the house and camping every day. Luckily we had a tiny propane fridge and it wasn't TOO pioneery.

The pregnancy was uneventful until 30wks when my blood pressure starting rising. I was put on Aldomet which kept it under control until my due date hit. (March 3rd) I had a late appt that day and they weren't happy with how my NST (non-stress test) was turning out. Because the office was about to close I got sent to L&D to be monitored. I felt like crud while driving back to my parents' house to call Tom at work and inform everyone what was up. My head was buzzing and my eyes felt swollen. I was also extremely thirsty. I got to my parents and drank about a quart of water and felt much better. By the time Tom got home and we got up to L&D my blood pressure was better and the baby was as active and looked nice on the monitor. We decided I'd be induced on the 7th.

I was got to the hospital at 7am like I was told. At 9am I was hooked up to the pitocin. I had irregular contractions all day that didn't really do anything. Around 5pm they decided to give me a break for the night. Unhooked me and sent me to a room (with all the ladies who'd had their babies) :o( for the night. At least I got to eat dinner.

The morning of the 8th I was a little irritated as I wasn't allowed to eat. What really irritated me though was I wasn't allowed WATER! Since when is water contrained during labor? As soon I got to L&D I asked for something to drink! This day's plan was to break my water and have us walk around. Tom and I had fun going through the halls...too much fun. At one time we had a little old lady look at me poor thing, you have NO idea what you're about to be dealing with. Little did she know it wasn't my first. LOL I would get upset occassionally due to sharing the hall with a pg teenager who walked with her parents while hugging her teddy bear. I just wanted to cry!

As the day progressed my contractions got harder and closer together but as soon as I stopped walking and sit down, they'd peter out. I was getting tired so took a break about dinnertime for about an hour. The dr thought I was having way too much fun and was smiling too much for being in labor and told me to GET UP AGAIN! LOL I got exhausted around 10 and insisted on sitting in the rocking chair. Around 11pm it hit me...the chills. I was spent. I was rocking in the rocker with a blanket around me and crying BETWEEN the contractions. The contractions weren't hurting me so much but the fact that THAT contraction didn't end my tiredness was too much for me to handle. Poor Tom thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I almost bit off the head of a nurse when she came into room after midnight and told me I needed to get up and start walking to get labor going stronger again. I informed her I'd been walking for HOURS and couldn't get out of the chair if my life depended on it. I was NOT walking!!!!! (although I did attempt to walk around my room on and off)

After that incident it was decided I needed a break. My OB came in, asked where my smile was now and suggested I take a nap. He's such a comedian. I told him I couldn't sleep now if I wanted to. That's when he suggested drugs. I was given a twilight drug (not sure which) so I could take a nap. I slept for a solid 45 mins to an hour. I woke up feeling like a new woman and informed everyone that things were getting close! Less than an hour later I had Val in my arms nursing. While the dr stitched up some small tears I was sarcastically asked...So..What are you going to do in your spare time? I replied...have another baby. Liz was born 15mos later...but that's a story for another day. LOL

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