Thursday, March 03, 2005

Funny how things work out...

I had my weekly OB appt today, or so I thought. I'd thought earlier in the week I'd have to cancel because we were getting hit with lake effect storms and today was suppose to be bad. Last night they were saying it was about done and today would be mostly nice (with a few squalls here or there, nothing to worry about or that I can't deal with). I made plans to drive the boys to classes so I could use Drew's car and then pick them up after my dr appt was over. (our car still isn't fixed)

This morning appears and Carrie starts crying her head hurts this morning. She also has a nasty raw and itchy rash under both her arms that has been bothering her all week so I decided she could stay home. Luke complains his head and stomach are bothering him too (he went to bed with a bowl last night) so he's home. Second trip kids are Jake and Eileen who both complained of headaches too. So all three stayed home (I'm such a sucker!) That means no appt for me today...I got to relax instead of rushing out the door this morning. :o)

I called the dr's office after they opened to cancel my appt and call my glucose numbers in. The receptionist can't find my appt on the list. She checks the appt is NEXT Thursday. I told her it's impossible because I was in last Tues and I come in every week. She informs me she's just telling me what she appt card also said 3/10. Guess I'll have to check that a little closer before leaving now. I'm just glad I didn't go through the work of getting to the non-existant appt this morning!

Tomorrow Olivia and I are getting dropped off at D's house by the boys on the way to their classes (before 9am). I'll stay at her house with the kids while she takes a dd to the dentist. Then she'll come home and we'll go to WIC. She canceled her appt on Tues and is making it up, I'm getting put back on.

Last night we had a quiet celebration for Luke's 12th birthday. I made meatballs and we had subs. For dessert we had the $6 half sheet cake I found on the bakery clearance rack and ice cream...choice of on the plate or in a rootbeer float. I had a small bit of cake and ice cream and figured my nighttime snack was done. I was worried that my sugar would be high this morning. It was a tad high but still under my limit. Drew and Pat bought him a portable CD player. We gave him a reading bolster and fleece blanket, a jigsaw puzzle and a monster labratory that I got REALLY cheap on clearance (90% off). I told him we'll keep our eyes out for a bike. I found out yesterday that D passed up a 10speed mountain bike on clearance at Target for $26 not too long ago!!! I wish I'd known then, but oh well.

Tonight (as long as the snow doesn't get too bad) the youth group at church is throwing a surprise party for Luke. It's his first official youth meeting (starting age is 12...although he went to a special meeting last week). I'm sure he'll love it and be totally shocked that anyone would do anything like that for him.

I've been thinking a lot about Luke lately. He really doesn't have a lot of self esteem. I'm not so gungho over the whole self esteem pushing movement so when I say he's's serious. He's always been a quiet person in both personality and mannerisms. (he's a peacekeeper...even to the point of shorting himself for it) Lately I've noticed he's gotten so quiet that you can barely hear him....I'm often making him repeat things a few times. He also tends to look down when he speaks, speaks too fast and slurs his words. I know it's not a smart thing to do but I just want to grab him and shake him and say....Spit it out!!! Just say what you want to!!! No one's going to make fun of you or put you down!!! Makes me wonder just how great he's doing socially in school. :o( I'm really going to have to make an extra effort to give him some special attention. I'll mention it to Drew and Pat too.

Olivia's been asking me if she can look at my baby stuff. I have a mini diaper bag (ones they give you in the hospital from the formula companies) in my closet that has some clothes I found in the $.50 bin at the thrift store. She brings them out onto the couch, unfolds everything and ohhh and aahhhs over it, then folds it back up and puts it away. I found her sitting there the other day with a onsies across her chest and shoulder...patting it and hugging it and saying...awww baby, it's ok. It's ok baby. LOL I wonder how she's going to handle the change a new baby will be. I tend to think she won't want to give up her spotlight so readily, but I could be mistaken. I hope I am.

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