Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sad news today

Last night it was confirmed that D is having a m/c. :o( She's been spotting since late last week. I was hoping that she was just being pessimistic and a worrywart. She went into the OB and they did a u/s and found a blighted ovum. Her bleeding picked up last night. I'm so sad for her. She seems to be doing ok given the circumstances. I just wish no one had to go through this, much less one of my best friends.


Loni said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time now along with "How's Luke". Yours and Luke's is what encouraged me to start one after the death of our son in December.

Anyway, I wanted to comment regarding your friend's miscarriage. I am so sorry. I understand that pain too, as we have had 3 miscarried babies, and a stillborn daughter. When she is up to it, I do have a webpage for encouragement at:
There are poems, writings and a messageboard, I hope can reach out to her and encourage her. I'd also be happy to write to her privately, if you want to give me that information privately. I am sure you have been a good, encouraging friend to her.


Christi said...

Dear Kim,
I have not been to your blog for a little while now and did not know about D. I am so very sorry for D's loss. I will say some prayers for her.
With Love,