Monday, March 07, 2005

Feeling a bit motivated....

Now to actually accomplish something, even if it's tiny things that only I can notice. I'm in an organizing mood. This means I want to tear things apart and make messes. LOL Of course nothing gets done if I don't get out of this chair. I have to finish this and my coffee first though. ;o)

Yesterday Tom's brother J and his son little J came over. They got the snowmobile unstuck. Drew and Pat buried it in some deep snow down the hill. It didn't help that we got about a foot of snow since they got it stuck. Everyone had fun going for rides on it once it was unstuck. They also went sledding off the front snowbank including a ramp/jump they made. Made me cringe to watch them going over it so I didn't bother looking out the window. LOL While we were at church Michelle made Olivia a cake with an awesome cream cheese frosting/filling! I didn't care about the cake...I just wanted the filling. LOL My MIL came over to our house after church. She seems to be getting around a bit better lately and has been hitting the stores. She admits she's not anywhere near her old self though. She brought presents for the birthday kids. Luke got a huge set with 3 generic GI Joes a helicopter, hovercraft and a 4wheeler. She gave Olivia a 32" walking doll with a wedding dress and ballerina outfit. They've been having a ball with her and the umbrella doll stroller D gave her at church. We gave her a looney tunes barbie (with tweety bird), sweets streets school house set, a mini magna doodle board and a bolster and fleece blanket set similar to Luke's.

Week 3 of the chore chart and this weekend was MUCH better although it doesn't look it right now. LOL Everyone did their jobs without too much nagging. It's interesting to see the younger kids more enthusiastic about this system then the older ones. Eileen and Pat had bathrooms. I'd told Eileen I'd help her and teach her how to do it. She bugged me nonstop until I finally got to it. She did a really good job! Last night she was asking me to help her do some maintenance on it. I never thought this would be happening.

Where do they get it from? Saturday Pat was on someone's case about the quality of work they were doing. I reminded him that he had no place to say anything. That he's done a half hearted job with all his chores and the driveway shoveling. He corrected me by letting me know that..."No one had a better week off then I did!!!" LOL

I NEED to start some sewing! Before I can do that though I have to organize things and set them up. I've been thinking of moving my machine into the livingroom so it's more accessible. Hopefully having it stare me in the face will make me get to it more often. I'm just not sure if the cabinet will fit or be in a good spot where I think I'll put it. I'll probably have to rethink things. It's in the library/little boys room now which makes my prime sewing time (after everyone's in bed) off limits to it. Same with my bedroom as Tom tends to go to bed a lot earlier then I do.

One of the reasons I need to start sewing is...I can't breathe in my skirts anymore! Well my going out in public ones anyways (meaning less then a year or two old). My old dumpy around the house ones are ok. I've had them since the beginning of time and they have elastic waists...although their numbers are starting to dwindle (as they should!). I noticed at church yesterday...I was swinging my belly! LOL Granted I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad, but it's way to early to have a pregnancy walk already.

This weekend I noticed my jelly belly is becoming a thing of the past. It's getting firm and is definitely more then my usual flab. Well I'm getting a belly PAST my flab, that's still hanging around too. LOL A few people yesterday said I look like I've lost some weight. It'll be interesting to see what I weigh at my dr appt on Thurs. I feel like I've lost some too. Oh to be skinny after delivery! LOL Don't worry, I'm still eating tons of calories (1800-2200 to be exact) I'm just eating better then normal. I will admit though, I've cheated a bit this week with birthdays being here. The weekends are my downfall. I tend to not keep track of my numbers too well. I tend to sleep in messing up my schedule and timeframe of eating. I have to cook more often for more people making it harder for me to concentrate on myself. There's also more opportunity to pick while I'm cooking...which I'm HORRIBLE about!!! My numbers have been ok, even with the cake and such.

The older kids have been bugging us about joining the rec center. They want to start working out, walking and swimming. I'd really love to be swimming myself. A few laps around the track on a regular basis wouldn't be so bad for me either. I've noticed that I'm getting winded just walking up the cellar stairs again. Not a fun feeling. What am I going to do in a few months when I have a bigger belly to tote around?

So where do I start around here? My room? The library? Playing in the kitchen? Straighten up a bit? (nawww...the kids can do their chores after school!). I need someone to make some decisions for me and set me on my way! LOL Before I know it I'll have planned and thought this through so much I'll be too exhausted to actually accomplish anything. Here's hoping that I have tons of progress to report when I return!

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Loni said...

I just wanted to let you know, I've enjoyed reading your blog. I am also a mom with a large family and can relate to so much. Thanks for sharing!