Monday, March 28, 2005

Dr appt and pregnancy news...

I went to the dr's on Thursday. My weight went up 2lbs which is fine by me. It seemed an impossible task to lose weight while pg. I thought since my body was cooperating while I was doing everything I should have (eat enough and keep my sugar down)...I might as well embrace it. My bloodpressure was super low! (112/78) This nurse has been known to get ridiculously low numbers on me before. I'm glad I'm keeping track at home so I don't get a false sense of it being GREAT! Usually I run 130's/80's. At least I haven't gotten as high of a reading at home as I did last appointment.

I talked with the MW about the possibility of being allowed to go naturally or even to 40wks (tend to be a 41-42wker). She said no, the goal is to get me as close to 38wks as possible. It left me a bit on edge because she made it seem like it would be a feat if I didn't have to deliver before 38wks. *heavy sigh* Oh well, guess I've heard that story before. They were wondering whether I'd make it to a safe wk with Olivia and I was still hanging around and doing fine at 38wks. :o)

The dr upped my morning insulin dose 2 units and I think I'm on the brink of upping some dosages over the next few days. I can't really say right this second because I've been winging controlling my sugar from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. After taking my fasting bs reading on Wed morn I got up to answer the phone with the glucometer in my hand. While chatting I set it somewhere I don't normally set it. Then I couldn't remember where it was! I'd searched for days and on Saturday offered the kids a $5 reward to whoever found my kit. Not everyone was here to hear the challenge and those that looked didn't find it, so I reiterated the offer on Sunday. Jake is now $5 richer. He found it in the box of gloves and hats on a shoe shelf. LOL Don't ask.

With yesterday being Easter I was worried about my sugal levels...especially not having a monitor. I have to say I'm impressed with myself, I only ate a few jellybeans and a chocolate covered marshmellow eggs (usually eat the whole dz in the carton myself. LOL) Unfortunately after dinner my sugar was a tad high at 157 (1hr postprandial...suppose to be under 140). I couldn't resist the homemade mashed potatoes and a tiny spoon of cranberry sauce. My morning fasting (97) wasn't bad, but they've been better so I'm watching what I eat today and seeing how my numbers go for the next 24 to 36hrs before I make any doseage decisions.

I did notice something though....I REALLY need my monitor. When I don't have anything to hold me accountable...I CHEAT! I tried not to but still found myself dipping or doling myself more of things I shouldn't have. I can't says that I totally enjoyed it either. I also had a pretty rough end to the week, I think not eating correctly had a part in it. I felt off. I was really busy (more on that in later) and on the go all weekend. I did get a little nervous yesterday morning though. I'd been crampy on and off, especially after being on my feet for more then an hour. I'd thrown up once or twice for no apparent reason (hadn't just eaten or needed to eat) yet I didn't feel ill. Then I see heavy thick CM, luckily it was clear or I think I might have freaked out. I'd decided if I still felt off today I'd call for an appt. I'm feeling tons better today! :o)

Oh and the greatest news of all...I DEFINITELY felt the baby move yesterday!!! I'd thought I might have felt it earlier this week before I got out of bed in the morning (having a full bladder). But I wasn't sure. Yesterday while sitting on the couch I had a HUGE flutter with a few small ones following it. I was wishing I could share it with everyone. I just kept it to myself and enjoyed it. I didn't want the kids to get frustrated that they couldn't participate yet. Also I haven't been so touchy feely since not feeling well. So the thought of them TRYING to feel the baby move made me crawl out of my skin.

At the last second I opted out of making an appointment for the amnio. (would have been this week) I just didn't want to debate myself about it anymore and had run out of time so decided to turn it down and stop thinking about it. I don't have to go into the dr's for 2 wks and have an u/s scheduled for the week after that. I can't wait!!!

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