Sunday, March 20, 2005

Welcome Spring!!!

If you ever decide to come around. I welcome you with huge open arms. We had a bit of a tease yesterday with temperatures into the 40's. We still have tons of snow on the ground and it looks like me may be in for more today. I'm SO ready for the warmer (but not too warm) weather to get here! I just keep reminding myself that we're usually into t-shirt material by the middle of April so it's not too far away. :o)

Yesterday D and I went out with a few kids. First we stopped at a rehabilitation/nursing home to see a older lady from church who fell and broke her hip. Luckily she's only in there for a short time . It was a very nice visit. Those type of places make me want to run away and keep coming back at the same time. Everyone's face lit up when they saw D's baby get wheeled by. I told her the place needs a pet Baby J to go along with the other pets they have around the place (birds, cats and a dog). :o)

We went to a local Tex-Mex place that we'd never been to before. My BBQ pork sandwich was good but the coleslaw wasn't so hot. The kids enjoyed theirs also. Unfortunately D didn't care for the spices in her burger and couldn't eat it. (she's still feeling the affects of the pg hormones too which don't help). We've chalked it up to experience. Funny thing is...none of us got the deep fried oreos they're famous for. LOL We then and picked up my DISHWASHER! YEAH! It's not installed yet but should be as soon as certain people are out of bed.

We then hit Target and the grocery store. I got a few things at target but nothing too great to brag about. At the grocery store I got the common questions from the bagboy....Stocking up? No? How long will this last? A week!?! (I didn't even get any meat lol) How many kids do you have? At least he thought it was cool and was interested in the makeup of it instead of telling me how insane it was. Which always makes for a very pleasant shopping experience. I am officially pregnant! Someone in the store asked me when I was due. MADE MY DAY! :oD I had to giggle though when they said I looked like I was due anyday now after I told them not until September. I thanked them and said...I knew I popped out lately but didn't realize I popped out THAT much.

D lucked out that they had a group selling grilled burgers outside of the grocery store for $1. I agreed with her, the $1 burger was better then her $4 burger at the tex-mex place (she's asked me to taste it to see if she was imagining things). Our quick trip into the suburbs that started at 10:30 ended at 6:30. WHY does it always take us all day to shop. We'd both hoped to be home by early afternoon. We hadn't even gotten lunch by 1! LOL

As everyone gets up this morning all I can here is snuffling, coughing and nose blowing going on. I'm fighting a cold myself (with the help of claritin) I have an hour or so to decide but I think we'll be staying home from church today. Carrie even sounds a touch croupy and it's the first morning for her. I certainly don't need to be passing that around...especially in D's family. She's spent quite a few nights in the hospital with kids with severe croup over the years.

I think Val is about to pass her stone. She showed me some sand in her strainer this morning and said it hurt to go to the bathroom. She hasn't had any pain since Friday morning. This morning she took a pain pill and has made a lot of quick trips to the bathroom. Guess that would be what the urologist was referring to when he asked if she felt the need to pee but didn't really go too much. So fingers crossed that today is THE day. LOL

Michelle is sitting here asking me to go to the mall. She needs to find a gown for the senior ball. It's not until June but I do know with her being a difficult size to find we need to go out when there's a huge selection. The bargin hunter in me is cringing though because I know at the end of May dresses will be really cheap. I thought about making her a dress but with the fabric alone I'd be spending $64. Not something I want to gamble about and be stressed with. Hopefully I can find a dress for around that price.

Because I went shopping I never got into my bedroom to clean. Looks like I have my work cut out for me this week. I have so many things I want to get I don't know where to start first! I guess breakfast would be a good start...seeing as I've had my insulin already.

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