Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm still around....just not a lot of time to update.

I enjoyed the "cooler" weather this last week and was doing a bit more around here in terms of cooking, cleaning and sewing (although I didn't finish sewing anything...grrrr) Working more around the house means getting online less. The kids took full advantage of that and hogged the computer so when I found a bit of time to get online, it was generally in use.

This weekend was busy as my two oldest nephews came up from California and Georgia for a visit. We had a cookout at my BILs that lasted all day and night. Sunday was spent grocery shopping and then one of my nephews spent the night.

Today I went to the OB and heard that I am now on a timetable. About 3wks until D day!!! (around the 24th unless I am absolutely NOT induceable) The baby at this biophysical measured about 6lbs which is about a week ahead but the dr is ok with it. She's decided she likes the head down position and has settled in nicely.

My blood pressure is still doing well and reading really low at the OB's office (how's 110/50!!!! LOL....only time I've seen 50 in the past was when I was on the verge of passing out). It's higher at home but staying the same. Insulin needs are still the same and might even need to go lower. The OB said he thinks I'm less insulin resistance now then in the beginning of the pg because of my weight loss (actually I weigh about what I did at my first OB appt). He also reiterated that I could reasonably expect to lose THIRTY pounds between delivery and my 6wk appt. I told him I could live with that. He then put a disclaimer on there...That's as long as I don't try to fill the hole having the baby creates with junk...gotta stick with the plan! In general I'm feeling better then I could've ever imagined. My sciatica lays me up a bit here and there but I can live with it.

For the next week I'm in the midst of preparing and going to our church's annual summer/family fun conference. (Wed night - Sun afternoon) I was going to sleep at home and commute (only 2miles away) but have decided to give camping a go. (pulling our popup over there) The kids miss out on less when we spend the night (although I'll miss Tom) and it's really fun for them. Not to mention I then have a place during the day to go sit, eat and take a nap if I need it. It's also easier to get everything done ahead of time, go there and stay there. Sometimes having a comfy bed and all the comforts of home makes getting everyone out the door by 9:30 a little difficult. At church they have their friends waiting for them as soon as they get up and they're a lot more cooperative to get am I. LOL The kids know we're flying by the seat of our pants, so I could decide I can't or am not handling it well and go home at anytime. Hopefully it won't amount to that though.

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