Thursday, June 30, 2005

Doctor appointment....

It was an uneventful one just like we like them. Granted I had to wait an hour before being seen, but it's one of a few times that has happened. I know they'll spend as much time with me as I want/need them to so that helps having to wait. The OB was in surgery so I got to visit with the MW which is always nice.

I gained back 3 of the pounds I lost last appt so am up to 211 now. I thought I'd gain back a lot more with all the junk I've been eating trying to up the glucose lows I've hit. Also with this heat that 3lbs could be water weight although I'm not terribly swollen. Either way I can't complain since I'm under my starting pg weight. Gee, when I talk about my weight I start to feel guilty that I do. Sometimes it would seem that I'm TRYING to lose weight. I'm not fighting losing it. But I'm not doing anything that I shouldn't to do it. Just eating healthier (for the most part). I often wonder how much I'd have lost if I'd also started the exercise portion of this wellness thing I always thought I'd start. Oh well, that part is going to wait for a few months.

My blood pressure was 116/64. WHAT at that dr office is making my pressure so low. I can't blame it on the nurse's technique since all the nurses have gotten those readings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Just curious...I'll definitely take it! Maybe sitting in a chair for an hour before it's taken helped. At home though it's been running in the mid 120's - 130's/mid 70's -80's. Guess I have the opposite of white coat syndrome. ;o)

If I can say nothing else about this baby so far, it's that it's consistant! The heartrate was 153. I don't think it's ever been out of the 153-157 range since we could hear it. She didn't measure my belly but I'm ok with that now. Anyways my next appt in a week is going to include a sono! Woohoo! Another peak at her!

We talked about my insulin needs. The MW said there are a few things that could be contributing to them lowering. I've lost weight, the heat, and I'm not eating enough...especially protein, so my sugar is jumping up and then falling down quickly (and that's a real possibility). She wasn't too concerned with the lower dosage needed but was going to show the OB my numbers when he was back in the office. So he may decide differently. I'm not concerned about it now, being at 20 units seems to be ok for me. I asked about my A1c (3 month average of my blood sugars) that was taken before my last appointment. At the beginning of the pregnancy it was 5.4 which is good. I thought for sure it would be was 4.9!!! Wooohoo! She told me I'm doing something right and it's working. :oD I'm wondering if the A1c change would indicate that I was pre-diabetic before I got pregnant or if I recently became Type 2.

She informed me that I have to have one visit to the perinatal center (more the Peri's request/demand then the OB's) during my pregnancy. So I'll be getting a letter in the mail soon with details of that appt. Oh joy! That place is a madhouse! Wonder if I can keep rescheduling it until I have my baby. lol I realize it's to cover themselves (the peri center). I wouldn't want to work on a pg lady I'd never met and have NO clue to her prenatal history. At least if I do have to deliver in the bigger city they'll have me in the computer. (although they should have info on Olivia's pregnancy since I saw them a few times during it)

I had my first huge bout of BH contrax last night. They were really irritating! Especially since I was hungry and my sugar was low (wondered if that could have contributed to it). I had also been running all day. It would have been ok to deal with if I was home and could have gone to lay down or at least be by myself. As it was I was in the middle of a feast at church and had to deal with all the kids by myself. D came up and asked if I was ok so it must have shown on my face a bit. She told me I should have jumped in front of the food line, pushing and shoving everyone else out of the way! I felt like I was inhaling my food once I got it. It must have looked so ladylike. LOL

On Tuesday Tom and I hit our 22nd wedding anniversary! I would say we celebrated it but we didn't. Tom is on call until the 5th so we couldn't go out anywhere. Maybe next week we can do something. At least we both remembered! It's not often that either of us does much less both of us! A neat thing about this anniversary. It is the exact calendar year as the year we got married (1983). So the 28th fell on a Tuesday just like our wedding day. I know...who gets married on a Tues? We do!

This weekend is suppose to cool down a LOT (high of 75 one of the days...20 degrees cooler) I thought it would be a great weekend to get things accomplished around here in anticipation for the grad party. Seems life has other plans for me. Tom told me on Tues that we're invited to a guy at his work's house for a COSTUME party! It's a combination 4th of July and Halloween party. So now I have to figure out, find and dress everyone up. My uncle is also having his annual 4th of July cookout on Sunday. Tom can't go there as it's too far from work so I'll have to do it on my own. I almost forgot that Carrie has a KNOT (kids now off therapy) clinic appointment tomorrow! So that day is shot for working, it's an all day thing. I'm trying not to let the normal "what ifs" set in. I guess it's a good thing I haven't remembered because then I haven't had time to think about it.

I'm making a list! We WILL get stuff done today!!!! It's the only day I'll have until Monday or Tuesday. Now where's my megaphone and bullwhip?

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