Monday, May 08, 2006

3 out of 4

That's how many throat cultures came back positive for Strep. Jake's was Strep but not Group A so techincally he could kick it himself. He was originally sick almost 2wks ago so I had him treated also. Liz was the one that was negative. She's still acting sick. Of course she is also exhausted from the Youth Weekend this weekend. Nothing like staying up until 2am and waking at 7 to help you recoup from an illness. She tried to stay home from school today but I made her go.

I told the dr's office that Val was still sick from the beginning of the week and had pus pockets on her throat, Eileen was complaining of a sore throat, and Olivia had a headache. The dr called all 3 in a prescription with instructions to wait until they are sick for 48hrs before I start them on the meds. I ignored him. Michelle woke up this morning with a sore throat. My nose started running last night and my throat is scratchy. Looks like we may not be done with the dr appts.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I was in and out all day. I worked on the pool and the front garden. Throwing the super shock in on Saturday morning has turned the pool from green soup to a cloudy we're heading in the right direction. I noticed the filter is pumping DE (earth) back into the pool. My dad just happened to offer me his 2yo filter on Saturday night. (one I'm using now is original...15yo?) So I'm taking him up on it. Tom should be bringing it home tonight. I think it'll make a huge difference. Pat just got back from the pool supply place with a new vacuum head and bag of earth. I'm going to try to vacuum out a bit of the pool and let it discharge out the drain pipe instead of filtering it back into the pool. The only problem is it might drain the pool too quickly. So we'll see if it works or not. I did fill the pool higher then normal the last day or two.

I'm sure I'll let you know how it goes. I'm hoping to have it sparkling clean by the weekend...even if the temperatures are forecast to be below normal (55 is normal temp right now). We may not be able to swim but it'll sure be pretty to look at! lol

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