Thursday, May 04, 2006

Now onto the real fun stuff!

Around 1pm today I started the pool pump and fed it earth. So now we are filtering. The pool should probably be done filling tomorrow. I want to stay home and vacuum it but I need to go grocery shopping. We'll see which gets done. It's suppose to cool off this weekend so there's no urgent rush for it. I keep going up on the deck and checking the level of the water, feeling if the water temp is improving and listening to the hose fill it even more. Danielle likes to sit on the deck but what she really likes is...kicking her feet in the water. She's a fish! If you take her in the bathroom all she has to do is see the sink and she's trying to jump into it. Today she ended up in the tub with Eileen. You'd have thought she won the lottery. She was splashing and kicking and giggling and a grinnin. She also pulled herself from a sitting to a standing position for the first time. Of all the places for it to happen it HAD to be in the tub. As soon as she was upright I took her out. I don't want her comfy with standing in the tub. She's been working on pulling up on everything ever since.

She also LOVES to be on the floor. It's a bit of a challenge since our floor space has decreased lately. We've added a chair, a swing/highchair and a bouncer. Just everyday stuff (shoes, backpacks, books, etc) takes up a bunch of space. We seem to be doing well with it though. She tends to stay in a sitting position. Once in a while you'll find her on her belly but she's usually screaming to get picked up then. She does this weird contortion thing with her in front, one behind and she twists a lot. You don't realize it but eventually she's moved. It's almost like magic it's so subtle. One minute she's sitting next to your chair, then next she's 5ft across the room trying to reach a ball. If she does get on her belly and doesn't mind it...she can move like lightning! Too bad it's in REVERSE! Her arms can shoot her 10ft backwards in the blink of an eye. LOL The pitfall of it...she usually ends up stuck somewhere and screams to be saved. She's cute...even when she's screaming.

I REALLY want to find my memory card for my camera and take a new pic of her! How can it just fall out of the camera like that? Drew has an adorable video of her on his camera. I was hoping to get a snapshot of her off of it. He needs to buy a cable to connect it to the computer though. :o(

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