Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's been mildly calm here this week

No one's sick although most are exhausted (again, can't wait for summer vacation!). I've had a few kids feebly try to stay home in the mornings. This morning I thought Olivia was going to be impossible to get going. Luckily she finally woke up enough to get ready.

The pool is now crystal clear and has a chlorine reading!!! As true to form mother nature has decided to thumb her nose at me. It's rainy and chilly now. I keep thinking I'm getting excited for nothing, that SOMETHING will happen to cause us to not use the pool this season. Like a whole season just isn't possible for us. Watch it'll probably snow in August or something.

The kids are hopeful for this's suppose to hit 70. (then drop into the low 50s for the weekend...yeah!...not!) It's hard for me to argue it's too chilly to go still. Last Saturday morning I was attempting to vacuum and nothing on the bottom was moving. I did what a good mom would do....I put the kids to work! I let them put on their suits, go in the pool, and stir things up. They weren't allowed to get water in their face/ears but they had fun what if it was probably in the 60s. You didn't hear them complaining. LOL

Liz, Luke and Carrie are getting excited. This coming weekend is our semi-annual soccer tournament at church. They get to see friends from all over the Northeast. As I mentioned's suppose to be wet and chilly all weekend. Wouldn't be a soccer weekend any other way. LOL I'm not too sure how I'm going to go and keep Danielle semi dry and unfrozen.

My house is in shambles right now. It's still not whole after we started tearing it apart last week. How can cleaning make such a mess? It's exciting to have a way to organize things. What I'm really wanting to do it run out and buy supplies to make shelves and smaller bins for everything. I'm in my..."can't have too many shelves" mood. I think I heard the craft store is closing next week. So if I decide I do want more bins/shelves...I'll have to figure it out and get down there by then.

My garden is getting pretty, even if it's getting overtaken with weeds! While the kids were waiting for the bus yesterday morning I spent some time attacking the weeds. I'd like to be able to see my Irises when they bloom (almost there!) I'm afraid someone is going to not realize there are desired plants amongst the weeds and just trample all over them. I haven't done too much in the garden this season. I'm waiting for Tom to buy the belt for the tiller, hopefully tomorrow. It's getting late! Not really but it seems like it. Around here most try to get things put in around Memorial Day weekend.

Time is flying! I'm amazed how quickly the week seems to go by...busy or not. I keep thinking about trying to rush things and missing out on something. Danielle is a perfect example of this. It seems like everyday she learns one or two new things. This week she's learned to pull herself up and cruise. She tries to spend as much time standing as she can. It amazes me since she can't crawl or creep yet. Although she can push herself backwards pretty quickly :o) Just goes to show you....each baby is an individual. No parent is an expert no matter how many times they've been through this. Last night the girls taught her to throw kisses. Granted right now it looks like she's just smearing spit around her face, but she does eventually throw SOMETHING out there. lol

It amazes me how gaagaa everyone is about her still. She can't even stick her finger up her nose without someone thinking it's cute! They're still fighting over her. She's constantly being carried, hugged, and smooched on. If she doesn't grow up with a BIG head (or become a total cutup) I'll be surprised. And to do my part to assure she does...

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