Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sometimes it DOES pay to have TOK

After school yesterday we went out shopping. As I knew would happen...I didn't finish. We never got to the grocery store so we'll have to do it tomorrow. I took the girls to the mall so Michelle could look for shoes. I WASN'T going to buy anything there. UNTIL...I spied the "Additional 50% of clearance" sign outside of The Children's Place. I stopped dead in my tracks...couldn't resist...had to go I went. The older girls took Olivia to the bathroom (where I was originally headed lol), Drew took Jake, leaving me with Danielle in the front carrier and Eileen. I found each of the girls a pair of active knit pants with a matching t-shirt. Eileen and Olivia both ended up with 2 skorts and/or skirts with matching t-shirts. Carrie got 2 skirts (no matching shirts in her size). As the lady was ringing them up she cleaned us out! I offhandedly say...No, but I probably could. Then I spied the boys t-shirt rack and grabbed Luke and Jake a few...threw them into the pile. I think the cashier realized I was buying a lot of different sizes because she asked THAT question....How many children do you have? I tell her 11 and then it starts.

NO! Seriously!?! You seriously have 11 children? No way! You gave birth to 11 babies? I couldn't imagine someone giving birth that many times. *turns to the other worker there* THIS LADY HAS 11 KIDS!!! Unlike this time (under newest) I wasn't embarrassed or getting angry. Maybe it was because it was a more intimate setting. Maybe it was because this cashier wasn't incredulous but in the point of stammering and being speechless at times...with a few more seriouslys thrown in.

She asked me if I had a 15% off coupon. (No, I don't.) Well you do now! She continued cashing me out, the older kids came into the store. It picked up another notch. How many boys and girls do you have (7 girls and 4 boys). How do you do it? (One day at a time, just like everyone else). I don't know ANYONE who's had 11 kids. That is amazing. You were pg 11 times? (Well actually 12 but yes) Can I ask you how old you are? (41) Really how do you do it? How do you afford to feed and clothe them all? (By doing what I'm doing now...only buying clothes when they are clearance and at their cheapest). You must have a lot of patience. (The look on my and my older kids face let her know that's not the case lol) Well do you pray a lot? (Yes, I do)

Other worker gets into the picture and they start talking about how they can't imagine what it's like to have 11 kids. One thought 2 was hard, the other can barely keep up with her 3. Other worker starts going more toward the wisecracking side of the conversation and asks....How do you get through the day? With a little bit of this *putting fingers to her mouth like she's toking on a joint* (No, I don't think so) She replies with....I think that's about the only way I could get through it. (I tell her I used to hang out with girls like her in high school!)

When they finally get all the clothes rung out and put into the bags the original cashier says...I don't care! You deserve 30% off! I'm scanning this coupon through twice! saved $18.XX. I thank her and walk out of the store laughing. The kids were a bit put off at how they went on and on. It quickly wore off though because as we get near the toy store Drew asks...Hey mom! Wanna go in and tell them you have 11 kids?!?! I could just see the wheels turning with visions of video games and toys being thrown at my feet.

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holly said...

Awesome!!!!!! I "only" have 7 and am pregnant with #8, so maybe soon I will get good deals too! LOL!