Monday, May 08, 2006

Shopping in hell

Friday night was a youth BBQ. I dropped Luke and Liz off at 6 and had to pick them up at 8:30. So 2.5hrs to pick up meds and go grocery shopping...tight but doable. So I thought. I had to wait half an hour at the pharmacy for the meds. Then it was to the grocery store.

Being a Friday night there wasn't much left of their stock. Quite a bit of what I'd planned on buying was GONE! Frustrating but at least I got quite a few rainchecks. The main problem was one of the families shopping drove me crazy! They had a boy about 8-10yo and a girl who was maybe 2. The mom was pushing a shopping cart with the little tykes coupe fronts. The 2yo didn't want anything to do with it. I (and everyone else in the store) soon found out that the mom was...loud, sarcastic and HARSH! You could hear her speaking to the little girl through the whole store. When I went to pass them she told me....Just go and run her over! (I stopped and said hi to the little girl as I walked by) Now I've been known to say something along those lines...jokingly my younger years. Let's just say this woman wasn't younger and she certainly didn't sound like she was joking. By the time I was a few aisles over I was feeling shakey having to listen to her.

You'd think this would make me sympathize with the old lady following behind me in the cracker aisle. NOPE. The old biddy was so bitter and equally harsh I ended up "turning" on her. *blush* I felt like an idiot defending the harsh mom but geesh! The old biddy was looking to me for validation and I wasn't going to give it to her! I think it was that I could see her acting the same way to me if I had all my kids. She was spewing.....

I came here to do my grocery shopping...not to listen to someone's BRAT crying!!! (little girl was fussy/crying over something). For crying out loud...TAKE THEM HOME and come back later! I then looked her in the face and said...sometimes that's NOT an option. She stammered...well I've raised 3 kids so....
I cut her off and shot back....I have 11 kids...SO!?! You'd think the fact you had 3 kids would give you a little compassion and understanding. Sometimes you HAVE to get groceries and you can't come back at a different time! Sometimes NONE of us can be on our best behavior! She then stormed off. Leaving me shaking and on the verge of tears. I came upon and passed this lady through the WHOLE store! It wasn't pleasant. Things did seem to calm for the harsh mom. We all ended up cashing out around the same time. I ended up pulling out of my parking space at 8:31. A bit late but not too bad. I also ended up feeling like I didn't get anything I needed/wanted. I may have to go shopping again on Tues after Carrie's clinic appt.

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