Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sunny with a chance of baking

We had a beautiful day at the beach on Monday! I didn't bring my camera so no fun photos to share. We had a grassy spot in the shade near the beach, bathrooms and playground. I got there a tiny bit later then I'd originally planned. I was moving in slow motion during the morning. I really didn't want to leave Tom for the day but he had a lot to do around the house. I slathered the kids up with sunblock before we left (nothing worse then sandy sunscreen being applied!) and they stayed fairly sunburnt free. A few ended up with slight pinkness by the evening. I "forgot" to cover myself with the stuff and ended up red but luckily I wasn't sore at all.

Danielle LOVED the water even though it was ice cold (turn your feet red with coldness cold). She could only tolerate being down on her own feet so long though. As long as I was holding her she was fine. So most of the time she spent going up and down. I'd stand her in the waves, holding her hands or arms. She'd kick around and laugh for a few minutes until she'd realize I was up there and she was down here. So she'd try to climb my legs and whine to be picked up, which I did. She was a happy baby again until a few minutes later she'd decide the water looked fun. Then it was time to try to scooch her fanny out of my arms. So I'd stand her in the water. And around and around we'd go.

We were a bit disappointed when they closed the beach at 6 but it gave us incentive to get the kids home early. Everyone stayed until the beach closed. For some reason even though I had less stuff then most, I was the last of the group to leave. Which meant I had cleanup duty. It wasn't too big of a mess, just a few odds and ends.

You'd think with all the sun and fun the kids had they'd be happy to be home, shower and get ready for bed. WRONG! (when will they start thinking like a tired mom?!?) Instead they begged to go swimming in the pool. LOL The water was a lot cleaner, warmer and deeper so they could actually swim. While they swam, Tom took me on a tour of the gardens so I could see all his hardwork that day. We sat out in the shade until the mosquitos started bugging me too much.

The kids snacked and then headed to bed.

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