Thursday, May 04, 2006

And now the fun begins

As I mentioned before quite a few of us are fighting colds. Some have been hit harder then others. Around 2 this afternoon I got a phone call from D telling me that a few of the families in the church are dealing with STREP! (she knew we were sick) OH NO! Not again. We dealt with it in January. I realize that a few of the kids are still not acting so great. They're also complaining on and off about headaches and sore throats. So I call and make only 4 nurse visits for throat cultures for 3:30. I was afraid of sending them into a tailspin with too many at once. (some weren't showing symptoms either) I triage and take the ones I think need it the most...

Carrie...she's been out of school the last 2 days and is still running a fever. Complained of her throat hurting this morning

Luke....Complaining of a headache on and off. This morning said his throat felt swollen. He's planning on spending the weekend over at the conference center for a youth conference (read LOTS of other people)

Liz...She's been exhausted and actually slept across 3 kitchen chairs last evening, after school. She's also going to the youth conference.

Jacob...One of the first who started this.

I ask for Liz and Luke to get the rapid test done. If they are positive I want them to have over 24hrs worth of antibiotics in them by tomorrow night. Then they should be ok to be around other people. (go to the conference) I didn't realize it was a HUGE todo and there were separate things that had to occur. (like a dr visit and his permission for it) We'd never had one done before. Because we had to be sandwiched in between patients it took us an extra hour to get it done. I'm lucky they agreed to it...I LOVE my pediatrician! Luke came back positive, Liz negative.

Liz is notorious for testing negative but continuing to be sick and eventually testing positive needing meds for it. They sent a 2nd culture from her off to be tested with the rest at the kids. I don't normally do this but I'm having Liz take some of Luke's antibiotics too. I'm almost sure she'll test positive. If not, I'll take my lashes with a wet noodle like a man.

While waiting at the dr's office Eileen kept complaining of her throat hurting. I'm not sure if it's a ploy to get out of school tomorrow (yes she'll start trying to work me over the night before) Or if she's finally getting hit with it. Later I looked at her throat and it could be considered a bit red. Val was sick in the beginning of the week but she wasn't home to take. When she walked in the door I asked and she confirmed...her throat is hurting still and even worse then the last few days. I'll probably be heading back to the dr's tomorrow for a few more cultures. I'm not sure how many kids will be going to school tomorrow. I can see at least 3 of them staying home already. I suggested to Tom that he make an appt with his dr since he also seems to still be a bit sick.

Before bed Luke asked why I didn't make him a dr appt so he could have his toe looked at. UGH! It totally slipped my mind. The poor kid has been walking around with ingrown toenails this week. We've soaked and treated but they are still there. Well hopefully his meds will help it.

So the tally of as tonight.... Throat Cultures...4 Positive Kids...1

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