Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guess I'll stick with the microwave

I was pretty proud of myself this morning. I'd gotten all the kids out the door for school (huge task in and of itself), matched up a huge tote of socks, added water to the fish tank and threw in some laundry. I decided I could justify sitting down with a cup of coffee now (especially since if I waited a headache would be likely). So I pushed back the crockpot that was resting on the back burner and turned on the burner under the tea kettle. Then headed for my email.

You got it....I had turned on the BACK burner. The controls are different from my old stove and I still get them confused once in a while. Just as I sat down to start reading emails I smelled something. Looked out into the kitchen and see smoke billowing from the stove. Thought maybe a plastic serving spoon was too close to it. Then thought maybe I hadn't pushed the crockpot back enough. As I get up to check it out the smoke alarm goes off....LOUDLY! Do you think any of the older kids bothered to see if they should get up and out of the house. Or even if I needed help? Nope! Although now that I think of it...Drew and Pat may be in the backyard sleeping in the tent. Hmmmm. At least the weather is a bit warmer today so I could open some windows and doors to air out the place.

I'm not sure if the crockpot is salvageable. I have it on /ignore right now. If it's not I'll miss it but I'm not terribly heartbroken. I have a newer one so not totally crockpotless. Although with them being only 4qts each I tend to need two of them. (the 18qt roaster is TOO big for a single meal) At least they tend to be easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales. (burnt one was junkpicked)

Hey! I can scratch something else off my list now....test the smoke detectors. I know the downstairs one works and it works REALLY well.

Edited to Add...

I've taken a look at it now and it's a lost cause. Looks like I burnt the cord pretty bad so it won't be safe to plug in. At least I can use the removable crock still.


Lisa said...

Well, that's one way to get your blood pumping in the morning, though a cup of coffee is easier. Glad nothing was lost but the crockpot.

Jody said...

Whoa! Good thing you didn't forget about the coffee and head outside for a bit!