Sunday, May 14, 2006

Week in review

Michelle down and out on the couch all day. Needing another trip to the dr.

Carrie had her all day appt at the TODAY study. When they say all day, they mean ALL day. We arrived at 9:40, left at 3:05. She looked like garbage after her 2hr GTT (glucose tolerance test) and wanted to take a nap. There was tons of paperwork for us to do. She did great on her fitness test. They kept upping the resistance on the stationary bike every few minutes. I don't think I could've done it, yet she didn't seem to be huffing and puffing. Her full body x-ray was really cool! She's been put into one of the medicine arms of the study. It was a bit disappointing to not get the PAL/coach. The kids here were starting to come on board with it. Our next appt in in July. For this week Carrie has to wear a monitor that records her activity level. We'll be fed-ex'ing it in on Wed.

I made a dr appt for Michelle. Luckily she's 18 and can go alone, Drew drove her. They decided to wait to see exactly what type of strep she has since she's been on so many antibiotics already these past 3 months.

After the appt I ran down the Rag Shop craft store that is closing. I bought a 5' table/counter and 14 metal wire bins. I'm thinking of going back down for more! I keep thinking of other places around here that could use some storage. I still have a little tweeking on how to hang the bins though.

I had to go to school bright and early for Luke's IEP meeting. It was a good thing. His resource teacher had nothing but praises for him. He's done a complete turnaround in terms of focusing, completeing his work and his writing!!! What was one of his weakest subjects is now up to grade level. Where he used to barely get a paragraph out in 40mins of prompting. He now sits down, gets a topic and writes...pages prompting needed! He still needs extra time and possibly a quite location for testing. His reading is still below grade. We're pushing him to TRY harder things. They've cut his book reports to one every other month instead of one a month. He has to promise to use more difficult books for his reports (was using Choose Your Own Adventure Books). Even though they aren't in place until next year, he's already trying to get started on harder ones.

Liz was the next one to be down and out on the couch. I made a dr appt for her before I left for school and took her in in the afternoon. Dr didn't think a throat culture was necessary since she was so sick. We also found out that Michelle's culture came back positive (surprise! lol). So they both got a prescription. That makes Drew, Pat and Danielle (which totally amazes me!) the only ones that didn't get strep.

While home I played with, vacuumed the pool some (water isn't green anymore but very cloudy still). Then we started pulling the house apart. We got rid of the microwave stand and an old buffet I was using as a kitchen counter. My kitchen is in shambles as of now but it looks better then originally already.

D went to the hospital to be induced with #16. I kept waiting to hear from them all day. I'd finally decided to I was going to call her house after the little kids were in bed. I never had to...D called a little after 9. I became an aunt at 8:12pm to a little girl! 6lbs 8.8oz. Baby and mom are fine.

While waiting for the phone to ring I played with the pool and tore my house apart some more.

Played with the pool some more. Tore apart the house some more. I now have a bookcase back in the livingroom. When we built the addition and gained a playroom the kids books ended up in there. When Val and Michelle moved in there the bookcase was pushed into a closet. It's nice having books in the main living area again. I've noticed that the kids are more apt to pick up a book now. Makes me smile!

I went up to the hospital to visit D and see the baby. I even got to hold her! She's a little tiny thing but definitely one of D's kids. :o) While holding her I couldn't help but think of Robert (D's angel baby born at 25wks). :o(

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