Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to my sister!

On Monday my baby sister hits the big 4-0. We're exactly 14mos and 3mins apart. Which was WAY to close for my mom. LOL I was the really active, hardly slept, and into everything baby. She was the calm..."put her down and she stays there" baby. Which I guess is a good thing. ;o) (we have a brother who's 4yrs younger then me also) My sister and I were always great friends even though I drove her felix mentality crazy with my oscar antics. To this day our houses are kept totally different. It might be why she can't quite get that I'm not being driven crazy with all these kids running and around and making noise. (she has 3 girls)

The cookout was a great time. Her dh did a good job and kept it semi secret from her. (she was suspicious but didn't know) It was a catered BBQ with chicken and steamed clams. YUUUUUUM! He rented a bouncy house and cotton candy machine for the kids to enjoy. Danielle REALLY likes cotton candy!

Tom kept laughing at me because he'd catch me eyeing/drooling over the caterer's set-up. It was a flat trailer topped with tons of propane/gas fittings on a pole that ran around 2 sides of the trailer. He mainly used a huge barrel roaster and 2 turkey fryers. I was dying to talk to the caterer but he was pretty busy (him and one other guy working).

Something I haven't shared here before is that I would LOVE to be catering or cheffing for profit. A few times a year I go through this phase of thinking of starting a personal chef business. When I found out I was pg for Danielle I was seriously considering going to the community college for a Professional Food Handler's Certificate in September. Now that our church is installing a commercial/legal (read inspected) kitchen, I'm seriously considering it again. I'd like to eventually put a proposal to the board that I rent the kitchen during the weekday when it's not being used.

While I think my BIL got a great price for the food he had. I told Tom...I wouldn't want you to do something like this for me. He agreed, saying I'd be too critical...thinking...I could do this better and for less. He was RIGHT! It was exactly what I was thinking. (especially with the guys setup) LOL

This morning was church. The kids went swimming after we got home, ate lunch and they picked up the main living area. They still get amazed how much work they can do when they all work and work well. We talked about restarting our chore list once school is out. I started fondling some fabric, thinking about sewing again. Maybe I'll even make Olivia something to wear for Kindergarten graduation on the 19th. I have to find my summer clothes. I have NO idea where my bathingsuit is. Being pg last summer, I didn't use it. It's practically brand new!

Besides looking for my warm weather clothes I also have to make some food for tomorrow. We're going to the local state park with a bunch of families from church. Since we'll be there for most of the day, I guess it'd be a good idea to bring food and feed them. I don't think Tom will be going, he has too much to do around here. He bought plants on Thursday and needs to get the garden in. I understand since I could find a lot around here to do also but :o(

Oh yeah, have to charge batteries....cute kids and beaches are great photo ops.

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Dot said...

WOW, if you really want to open your own business, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! Sounds like your dh is behind you too!! Good Luck!