Friday, May 19, 2006


I've been dealing with a major headache for the last 24hrs. It actually sent me to bed before dinner it was so bad. I've only had a handful of times it's been that bad. I'm not sure if it's allergies, a bug or related to AF arriving yesterday. I've noticed that I'm running similar to my teens years now...30+ day cycles, heavy and long, horrendous cramps for the first 48hrs. I hope I'm not adding on my mom's migraines that sent her to bed and made her throw up every month!

I really need to get some things done around here. This place is a mess and I won't be here this weekend to fix it. The kids have to be fed and out the door for the pep rally by 8. Carrie has a 4:30 dr appt for her physical. Her ped has been bugging me to get her in for one. Nevermind that she's had 4-10 of them in the last year already. He wants one by him who will concentrate on the WHOLE her...not just her cancer, post bone marrow transplant issues, post meningitis arthritis issues, or diabetes. I love this guy! He's so thorough and cautious. If the ibuprofen doesn't help I'll be calling to ask if it's ok for Drew or Pat to bring her in. I really need to talk to him though and bring him up to date on her diabetes and the TODAY study. Maybe I'll just have one of the boys drive us there.

I'm suppose to be going grocery shopping afterwards too. Need to at least get things for the kids' breakfasts and lunch this weekend. If I call Tom before he leaves work I'm sure he'll stop at Save-a-Lot for stuff. Guess for lunch I could give them cash to buy stuff from the Grill.

This better go away! I don't think I could do all day on my feet outside in the rain and cold tomorrow if it doesn't. And then to be there all night for a feast...on my own...with a bunch of little kids. Joy of joys!

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Dot said...

I hope you are feeling better. If you are not, maybe you should go to the Dr. they might have some Rx to help get rid of your headache.