Friday, May 26, 2006

Prom night!

Being a small school district, the Senior Ball/Junior Prom is together. The rule in our house is...I'll pay for your Senior Ball...that's it! Since I had NO seniors I thought I was off the hook this year. WRONG! I ended up with 3 kids going this year. Michelle bought her dress, Val's is borrowed from a friend.

Pat's pictures are on another camera at the moment. I can share Michelle's and Val's now though. One the 2nd pic you might recognize M who took Michelle to her Senior Prom last year. They're bestfriends and graduated together.

Michelle and C (he's a senior)

M, Michelle and C (all best friends)

Val before S arrived

Val and S (he's a junior)

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Jody said...

Ah! Great pics! They look like they had fun!