Thursday, April 03, 2008

1 down, 8 more to go

I managed to get Michelle to school at 8am this morning. It wasn't easy nor pretty. Of course true to form I wasn't organized and ready like I should've been. I also managed to space out midway through preps and forget that getting out the door included Eileen and Olivia who were still sleeping soundly at 7:05 (departure time was 7:25 - 7:30). Olivia does not wake up well and is very sluggish. Needless to say she wasn't happy with how the morning was progressing. Eileen totally forgot that today was Thurs which meant she needed her library books and she didn't have them. The older kids seemed to be not doing well with the extra bodies up and about. Michelle put a kink in the shower taking schedule (4 girls washing in but everyone managed to get in and do what they needed to do.

We all ended up running out the door at the same time. I'd really like to get out before the 1st trip kids leave so I can get ahead of the bus and Michelle can get to school before 8, not AT 8. I was a dumb clutz and managed to roll my right ankle as I was getting ready to go down the porch stairs. I ended up falling down all 4 stairs. As I was falling I was thinking, don't break anything, don't break anything! Then as I got up I was thinking, I'd have broken my neck for sure if these were D's stairs! (main door is on the 2nd floor so have to climb lotsa stairs to a deck to get to it) Luckily Sean still uses his infant seat and was buckled into it because I dropped it and it landed on the porch. I scared Danielle senseless because the seat almost managed to push her off the front porch.

I felt fine as I got up but the longer I was in the van, the more things started hurting. It's only an ache and nothing that says...get me checked out...mostly strains. I have to laugh though because the only things that don't hurt are my ankle and back (which I'm extremely thankful for!). Mostly it's my left knee and right shoulder and thumb that are bothering me.

Anyways, I now get a week long break as next week is Michelle's spring break. YEAH! Actual days with NO driving required whatsoever! Woohoo! Next trip with the girls I have to remember to bring a snack for them to eat in the car. They usually eat breakfast at school so it's not so important that they get something at home. Driving in the car on an empty stomach seemed to bother both of them. They were both complaining of feeling queasy. Luckily once we got home I had time to grab them a bite to eat before the bus came. I still think they weren't feeling 100% though.

Sean's fever seems to have disappeared and he's in MUCH better spirits today. Last night was pretty rough for him. Val is heading to the dr's this afternoon. She's still not feeling great although she went to school. She texted me and told me she threw up but was trying to finish the day out. I'm pretty sure she's throwing blood in her urine, it didn't look so great this morning.

Well I have to get up and keep moving. I've been up since 4:20 and have managed to put a dent in the laundry pile. I want to keep at it while the moods here (and the little ones are cooperating).

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