Thursday, April 03, 2008

It IS always something

Three posts in one day, go me! lol On the way to the dr's office the van was running really rough and smelled hot. When we pulled out of our parking spot I noticed a puddle approx where my radiator had previously been. I was due to pick up Michelle so drove across town with my fingers crossed. I called Tom to let him know we may have a problem and that I'd stop at the college to examine things.

I picked up Michelle, pulled into a parking spot that I was sure was puddlefree, turned off the van and got out. No doubt about it, the radiator or one of it's hoses was leaking. Oh how I wished it was a hose! I updated Tom and headed to Walmart by now the waterpump is protesting the shortage of coolant with a pretty decent scream.

We decided to take our time in WM so the engine could cool down enough to handle. We were all starving so stopped off at the Subway inside the store and bought a few things to share. D walked in while we were at Subway so we chatted for a few minutes. We kept bumping into each other. We used to go shopping together all the time. Not having the luxury of the same schedule to walk and/or talk was odd. It made me miss our shopping trips. We finished meandering through the store, paid for everything and headed out the door. Michelle put groceries away while I popped the hood and filled the radiator. We called Tom to let him know we were leaving and crossed our fingers that the engine survived the ride home.

I popped the hood again as soon as we got in the driveway. Tom and I started looking for the source of the leak. I was the lucky winner. I spotted a stream of water shooting out of the back of the radiator, right in the middle of it. It wasn't a hose :o(. It was going to take a lot of money and time to fix. I have no idea how Michelle's going to get to work for the next 3 days.

Val's appt was noneventful. They checked her urine. While it had red and white blood cells in it. There were tons like you'd normally see with an infection. So it's being sent off to be cultured. He'll decide whether to treat based on what the cultures we're in wait mode.

I have to get to bed now that Sean' snoozing. My eyes keep getting stuck in the closed position.

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noelle said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! That happened to me last weekend on my way to urgent care with a head injury and vomitting child. My brakes were grinding. The next morning I found out it was both rear and front brakes for nearly $1000! UGH!!!