Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'll take an order of craziness

Include a side of exhaustion and a cup of fear with that please. Whoever thought that once the kids hit adulthood and moved out of the house meant life would get easier....THINK AGAIN! You still have the concerns and fears, you just have a lot less control or chance to counsel. What I asked for prayers for last week or so are still being dealt with. That little issue of respect for privacy prevents me from saying anything. Let's just say quite a few people have been stressed, are losing a lot of sleep and are emotionally a mess. And we really could use continued prayers and postive thoughts.

With all the above mentioned, life is still going on and it hasn't been so bad. On Saturday we celebrated Drew's 24th birthday. 24! That can't be, wasn't I 24yo yesterday?! We had a cookout. it was at 9pm in the rain and we ended up frying most of the burgers on the stove. But we TRIED and that has to count for something. Besides, they were BACON cheeseburgers not to mention we also had deviled eggs made by Pat. YUM! They also had a cake eating contest, which IMO is a waste of delicious cake, but that's me. I believe Michelle still reigns as champ. Drew brought over his tv, surround sound, xbox 360 and rock band game so there was lots of fun to be had late into the night. I don't think we were too loud, at least no neighbors complained. Now the kids want rock band, and I want a Wii and you can't have either one without a brand new HD tv. lol

Oh the neighbors. Haha I brought Liz down the street yesterday. The lady she babysits for is a hair dresser (now known as HD) and she was going to do some work on Liz's hair for free. I ended up sitting in the driveway talking to HD for over 30mins and heard some interesting things. While someone on our street was filling HD in about the neighbors...It came out that my 20 kids and I are trying to start a commune! LOL Oh isn't that rich. I told her it's a good thing I don't care what people think of me, otherwise I might be offended. Just wait until we get our chickens, then Mr Uppitypants will really flip a lid! BTW... HD has someone in her shop who's moving into the city and needs to find new owners for her laying hens and a couple roosters. So we may be adopting some birds soon! Woohoo!

I am SO done with our morning routine! It seems like I can't get the little girls out the door without a major fight anymore. I HATE starting our day like that. It's led me to seriously consider homeschooling them, but we'll see. If we lived in a state with more relaxed schooling laws, then I'd be more gungho to do it. On the plus side Michelle only has about 10 days of class left and only 3 more EARLY morning 8 AM classes.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day for Carrie. It's time for her super visit at the TODAY study. (talks about it in the 6th paragraph down) It really beats the snot out of her when she has these visits. This time I'm bringing my meter. Then I can test her on the sly, after her blood draws. It'll allow me to see just how high her sugar goes. (study doesn't allow specific numbers to be given out, especially to drs, as they may try to skew the numbers). At least it won't cost me an arm and a leg to get to the appt since I should be driving the new car. Tom's suppose to go and get it after work today. :oD I just hope I can get to where I need to go without having a heartattack.

OOPS!! The dr just called. I made an appt for Michelle today totally blanked out about it. I didn't even TELL her she had it so she could remember. She was suppose to be there at 10 and now it's 11 (yes, it's taken me 3hrs to get this finished). They were nice about missing the appt and I rescheduled for the 13th. I just hope it's not the day she has a final scheduled. I suck as a secretary/personal assistant! Now I need to put on my taxi driver hat, load up the little ones and get Michelle to school.

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