Monday, April 07, 2008

So far so good!

Danielle has now been dry for 4 days...including 3 nights! Woohooo! She had one accident Saturday night but immediately ran to me and told me she was wet. She's not spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom either. So I think we can claim a victory in the potty training front. She's excited that she'll be getting a bunch of new undies next time we go to the store. I haven't decided whether I'm going to buy the Dora Toilet seat or not. Guess it depends on whether she remembers it and how much she whines or says PEASE MOM!. lol

Saturday was a pretty productive day and as usual you can't tell by looking at my house. Sean cooperated by taking the longest nap in his life. Tom ended up waking him up when he walked in the room while on the phone (he forgot Sean was in there). I thought for sure it meant he was getting sick but he's acting fine. In order to do a bunch of the things I wanted to do, I had to ignore the stuff that needs upkeeping the livingroom floor. Mr Man has decided to show me that I can't do that anymore though...he's getting ALL OVER!!! He does a half crawl where he's on one knee but the other leg he's on his foot. He steps forward with his foot anchored leg and then drags the knee anchored leg up to the foot's new position. He's also started using the furniture to help him stand up. I need to go find some rocks to stick in his pants.

I'm a bit surprised to find that I'm not extremely sad over Sean growing up. I thought since he's my last one I'd be clinging to him, begging him to be a baby longer. Instead I'm really enjoying the strides that he's made and look forward to seeing what his next conquest will be. I'm sure I'll be bitten by the baby bug and have times when being done will hit me hard. But for now I'm ok!

Had to edit above since it took me almost 24hrs to get this finished. lol

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day! And while I kept putting off Tom's request for me to go outside for a bit on Saturday. I spent a decent amount of time out there on Sunday. I am SO looking forward to summer, the swimming pool, decreased laundry, and summer vacation! Sean is going to be an outdoors man I know it. He's constantly exploring and wanting to go. Plus Sunday morning he practically broke through the glass storm door to get someone to take him outside. lol Tom was working on the van and BIL had walked up front with his dog. I'd placed Sean infront of the glass door (yes, it was secure, I tested) so he could watch. He immediately started rocking like crazy, grunting and bashing on the glass. I had to move him so he wouldn't cause the door to unlatch and go flying out.

Tom fixed the van yesterday! Woohooo! He had Pat run him into the city on Saturday and they exchanged the radiator, no questions asked. We were a bit worried the parts place wouldn't honor the warranty because it looks like the van's fan scraped the fins of the radiator. We didn't test it but I'm pretty sure where the scrape marks are isn't where it's leaking. We have NO idea how the marks got there, they weren't too bad, so we're thinking it didn't happen for long. The newest theory is that something got lodged between the fan blade and radiator and was dragged around a few times. Either way he worked in the dark to put the new radiator in on Saturday night and finished connecting everything on Sunday morning...just in time to drive Michelle to work.

I called Tom on the way home to see where he was. I wanted to take the kids to church when he got back and it was getting close to leaving time. Instead he told me he would be home soon and planned to change the van's oil. He was already grungy from the radiator and I didn't have the heart to whine that I wanted to use the van when we got we skipped the meeting.

Michelle has this week off from school for spring break. She also doesn't have to work today or tomorrow which means I can stay home during the day. Woohooo! (kids still need to go to soccer tonight) It's been great being stuck at home since Thursday night. It was great to decompress and actually get things accomplished around here. Greedy me though is wishing for about a month of this though lol.

Sean ISN'T cooperating today though! Everytime I go to lay him down he pops back up! Or I'll walk out of the room and get to the kitchen only to hear him crying again. I guess if I had a crib I could let him be for a bit. But that's not how we roll right now, so I'll just deal with it.

Now that the kids are getting home from school I need to get some help from them, so I'm off.

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