Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day I really needed

Sometimes you really need a push to get to where you need to be. Yesterday I got that push and it was great! D called bright and early and asked if she could come over with her kids. It wasn't like it was surprise since we'd mentioned it on Fri while talking. And since the van is still in pieces, it's not like I could go anywhere.

I looked around the disaster area I call a house and said SURE! When are you coming? We hemmed and hawwed about the time and she picked after Michelle got home from work at 4. I think she was just trying to give me time to get some semblence of order to my chaos. ;o)

Things were slow going here until 12:30 or 1. Then I started getting the kids moving. While trying to get things done we talked about why they seem to not listen to me unless I'm yelling. It's like they don't think I'm serious until I go into berzerk mood. I asked if they did it to their teacher and of course they replied no. I then asked them why she deserved more respect then I did. There was no answer. Although someone eventually mentioned her ability to send them down to the principal's office. So then I asked if that meant I should be paddling fannies a bit more. They laughed. Lately I've entertained the idea of only whispering to the kids. I know it can be effective. For this house, I think it would only get drowned out by the constant din. (even our breathing is loud!)

Pat picked up Michelle from work since our van is still out of commission. He also picked up a few things at the store. It was nice to have him home for the doesn't happen often.

D got here shortly after 4 and the kids immediately broke up into their groups. Nothing elitist or anything like that but they do tend to group up by age. Luke and Jake were off with the older boys, walking the perimeter of the yard, talking and semi exploring, poking around in the ditch of water. The older girls were having a party on the trampoline, jumping like there's no tomorrow. The younger girls sat at the table, eating snacks, talking about little girl things, waiting for their turn on the trampoline. There were a few times when discontent snuck in but it was only a few times and only for a second. It's so nice to see how well they all get along.

D and I were able to sit in the shade of the house and talk while cuddling the babies. I had a chance to snuggle baby C for a few minutes and for a second I felt a pang of babylust creep in there. It wasn't too strong and didn't last too long though. Afterall Sean is still a pretty big handful...even if he's getting more and more independent everyday. He is coming up on the age when another pregnancy would be happening. I've wondered if feelings would rear up then. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

D said something about not imposing. She's known me for over 30yrs and she still thinks that I'm imposed on if people come over! I told her if I had the money and the energy I'd love to do this EVERYDAY! I really do enjoy entertaining. It's the one part of my unkept house that bothers me the most...that I can't be social when I want. Granted most people I'd be social with already know the state of affairs here but it's still a bit embarrassing. Not to mention nonfunctional. It was a beautiful day outside. Things wouldn't have happened if it wasn't (meaning we could hang outside) and that part stings a little. But it happened and a good time was had by all and that's all that matters! The first thing out of Eileen's mouth this morning was....Can the Ws come over again today?!?! LOL I'd had the same thought.

Besides a nice visit with my best friend I also had the incentive to get everyone working around here and managed to end up with a semi clean house. It was so nice waking up this morning and finding the main area looking picked up. It's amazing how much the state of your surroundings can effect how you feel. Instead of looking around, feeling heavy, not knowing where to start and opting to ignore everything instead. I can actually see where I want to concentrate and have hope of it getting done.

I know part of my problem is not getting the kids involved into the daily maintenance more. But how do you do that when you yourself can't or don't know how to maintain. I'm an all or nothing type. Let it go for a bit then work hard to get it back in shape. Thing is, there's too many people in this place and life's too crazy for me to be able to keep the place like that anymore. So things have to change. I know the kids like it when the house is clean, they've said so. I'm guessing now would be the best time to start new habits. :o)

Today's the last day of spring break and I'm bummed. Usually I'm excited about the school year being almost over. This year the weather's been so beautiful that it's made me yearn for summer vacation to be here already. I know it'll be here soon enough. But I want it NOW! I just have to remind myself...Michelle only has 3 wks of school left (woohooo!) and the other kids have 6-9 wks (high schoolers get out sooner then the younger kids)

So now I'm off to enjoy the nice weather while I can.

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truth said...

That does sound nice. You really gottta do it more often.