Thursday, April 17, 2008

A beautiful day!

You couldn't ask for a better day in Central NY...Tons of sun, warm but not too hot. Val was bugging me for some seeds to plant and it got me outside a whole lot quicker then if I'd done it on my own. The yard is still a little soggy so Sean camped out in his exersaucer when he wasn't being carried around. He liked it since he doesn't use it on a regular basis (prefers the freedom of being on the floor).

We raked out my very neglected front garden. It looks a lot better but still needs ton of attention. After all I didn't do ANYTHING in there last year. Tom and I keep talking about digging everything up, turning it over again, laying weed fabric down and replanting it. I'd say redesigning it but there was never a design to begin with. LOL My dad would give me plants and I'd stick it in. I still have the plants still in the pots buried in my circle garden from fall '06! I wish someone would give me a layout of a fantastic looking garden, telling me what to plant where.

Luke and I pulled the garden cart out and started moving the pots of strawberries that were huddled on the front yard. They're ugly plastic pots and it looks dumpy with them there and I'd been wanting to move them into the backyard since last fall. Val, Carl and a few other kids were working on other areas of the yard. It still needs a lot of attention but it's a start.

Drew called to tell me that Allison saw 2 decent looking recliner couches on the side of the road with a free sign on them. He offered to take a few kids and pick them up if I'd clean the van and remove a few seats. Pat ran down the street, picked up Drew and dropped him off before heading to work. As they got to the house where the furniture was another car pulled up. So they went down one street and turned around so they'd be on the same side of the street as the furniture. They saw the people talk to the owner and then drive away. They then pulled up, jumped out and quickly tried to throw the furniture in the van. ;o) The owner told them that the people who just left claimed them but if they called in an hour and it was still there, they could come back and get them. They were so bummed to have missed it by minutes. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be. At least my van got cleaned out! LOL

In the course of the day we had about 4 different forts being built around the property. I had to "yell" out the door for the little girls to get out of the hedgerow or they'd be covered in poison ivy. (they KNOW better!!!) During the evening every itch as poison ivy starting. lol I'm hopeful that no one comes down with it.

Quite a few of kids got a bit of color, but nothing painful. Just a bunch of cute sunkissed faces.

Michelle has been driven to school, all the kids were fed scrambled eggs, about to put in the 3rd load of laundry, and playing air traffic controller of the shower. Today is going to be even beautiful which is kind of not a great thing for us. Although we have a fun day planned. I just wish it didn't include being inside a dark bowling alley for most of the afternoon (and having to get ready to go to the bowling alley). Carrie's TODAY study is throwing the kids and their families a bowling party today. Some of my younger kids have never been bowling and are excited. I know it'll be fun, I just wish it wasn't so nice outside so I didn't feel like I was wasting a beautiful day inside. lol

I have NO idea what was going through my head when I posted a Love Thursday picture on TUESDAY! I finally realized what I'd done while I was driving home from the college this morning. The kids being out of school always messes me up. While tossing and turning at 2AM Wed morning I realized I'd missed Tues night chat AGAIN! I need a Sven!! (video showing what I'm talking about for those who have no clue)

The pool is full and I'm considering whether I want to get dirty messing with it this morning or wait until tomorrow. I need to put the filter together and hook it up still so it'll probably have to wait. I'm excited with the thought that I could have the pool cleaned and running before May 1st! Although if you remember my previous years ordeals dealing with it, I'm not holding my breath over it.

Dryer is done and I need to switch things over. I'm hoping someone brings a working camera today so I can share our fun with everyone.


noelle said...

We had a couple of those awesome days earlier this week. My kids had school but they were outside until nearly 8 just playing and enjoying the day. Good thing because it snowed all afternoon yesterday and last night. Gotta love CO!

Have fun bowling. My littles love using the "tee" there and just rolling it down the alley.

~Tammy~ said...

LOL at Thursday on Tuesday... I actually saw it Tuesday, and it didn't click. When I saw it earlier today, I thought: "Isn't Today Thursday... I saw that post before today..." and then I had to check my calendar because I had muddled myself! I finally decided you MEANT to post it Thursday and hit publish instead of save. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. And I didn't even notice until I read this post *blush*