Saturday, April 05, 2008

BY JOVE! I think she's got it!

It looks like Danielle has finally gotten the idea behind using the toilet and the funness of wearing undies. The last few times she's taken a bath she's ended up on the toilet. Everyone's praised her and talked it up. This time she mentioned undies and I mentioned the red Dora toilet seat she saw. When she was finished she asked for undies and I decided to get a pair for her. And she's been dry ever since!! Granted she's also spent almost the whole day sitting on the toilet and used nearly a whole bottle of liquid hand soap washing her hands afterwards. But hey! At least she's washing her hands. :o)

Last night Eileen decided to go lay down with Danielle. I didn't realize they chose MY bed to use until it was time for me to climb into bed. I also failed to realize until 6am that no one put Danielle into a diaper before she went to bed!!! I'm crossing my fingers that she wakes up dry this morning. With my luck she won't, even though she's been waking up dry for a few weeks now. I don't know what I'd do if she wets my memory foam mattress. We're using 2 of the oldest twin mattresses stuffed into our waterbed frame....they don't fit well and are showing their age. We can't live without that mattress topper! Even with that heavily on my mind I can't bring myself to fight her in her sleep to get a diaper on her (and risk waking Sean up too).

Guess that means when the van gets fixed I'll have to mosey on over to Walmart and buy her that Dora toilet seat and more undies. I've been kicking myself. I hadn't saved the receipt of purchase for the radiator so had no idea how long the warranty was good for, much less proof of purchase to enforce the warranty. Last night Tom came home with a bit of good news though. He stopped by the auto supply place where we bought the radiator (through their online site). They had documentation in their computer of our purchase and the warranty was a lifetime one! A different local store even has one in stock we can pick up. So looks like we may have a new radiator in hand with little out of pocket money soon, hopefully today! I'm sure Michelle shouldn't be expecting it to be available to take her to work at 3 today though. Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday was a bit lazy. I was achey from falling, Sean was clingy and I spent most of the day researching and posting in a discussion about right to die and Terri Schiavo. I admit I sidestepped the political aspect of the discussion though. I have to admit politics just isn't my thing. If that makes me uninvolved or worthless to complain about the state of things (I try not to complain) sobeit.

I'm hoping today is a productive day. I have a list of things that I want to tackle, most of them no one would notice unless you lived here. Even then you might not. Those type of jobs make me wish we came with a placard that shows how hard we work. I know it's just me wanting to look good to others, wanting acknowledgement of the work I do around here. I'm sure there are a lot more days when I'm glad that how hard we work isn't shown to the yesterday. Could you imagine being labeled as....sat at the computer all day...held and nursed infant, changed diapers. Not so great.

Well if I want to be productive I have to finish up online stuff. So time to update my food blog and then to work I go!


noelle said...

That is GREAT news about your radiator! I love those unexpected positive things.

My hubby says I live a life of futility. I do all the laundry so they can take off their clothes and make another load. I scrub the floor just in time for someone to spill on it. I pick up toys just so they can be put all over the floor again.

Then again, it's nice to be relaxing for an afternoon and nobody notice that either! lol

truth said...

Wayt-to-go Danielle! So did she wake up dry?

I laughed at your "Could you imagine being labeled as....sat at the computer all day...held and nursed infant, changed diapers" Because my dh works from home and sits at the computer all day, I often do the same. Egads! And I'm not nursing or changing diapers. I forget that I'm not really doing anything online, while he is actually earning a living.