Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I need bubble wrap I tell ya!

My whole steet does actually. We live on a twisty country road. Where you think our street must go straight, it takes a right hand turn. Our part of the street is in between two of these turns. There are eight houses on our section of the road. Yesterday the fire and rescue crews were on our section of the street twice! First was right after the school kids got on the bus. The first house on our street had a fire in one of their kids' bedrooms. No one was hurt, there was some damage but looks fixable. The kids are saying that a PSP caused it, YIKES!

The second time Carrie, Eileen and Olivia were taking a walk and saw what happened. 3 doors down a younger boy was riding his 4 wheeler, tried to stop but couldn't and ended up running over his older brother. My girls were upset that the injured child and the grandma were screaming at the brother that was driving. He was obviously very upset about it before they started screaming. That has to be a terrible burden to bear. They called the ambulance and had to close down the street. I haven't heard how he's doing. I'm sure the kids will find out at school today. I've been praying for both families.

After the girls told me what happened I told them...EVERYONE TO THEIR ROOMS AND GO TO BED! They didn't quite get it and I had to explain that I didn't want to risk having to be the 3rd person to call the fire depart that day. And I wonder why my kids think I'm lame. lol Really though I found myself skittish about letting them do things, about me driving, etc. I wonder how well a trampoline works wrapped in bubble wrap. ;o)

This morning I woke up dreading the EARLY drive in to take Michelle to school. I laid there for a few minutes and worked things out in my head then started climbing out of bed. Michelle came to my door and said, you don't have to drive me today, I'm not going. Now I know I should probably be trying to convince her to attend but you know what, I'm not. She's a big girl, she hasn't been feeling well, she knows whether she can afford to miss something or not. Besides...I don't have to drive!

So now with things a little more relaxed I'm getting ambitious thoughts. I'll throw the second trip kids out to the bus, drag their mattresses outside to get aired out, bleach the kitchen and do some laundry. I'd say Sean will put a big damper in that but Michelle is home and so is Jake. Who knows I may even mess with the pool filter.

Hmmm I just realized it's Earth Day. Think I'll go hug a tree. Guess that means I'll have to go work in the garden today too. There I go again, making WAY too many plans. Oh well there's definitely no time to be bored around here.

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noelle said...

Oh MY Word!! I would be freaked out too! Hope everyone is safe and healthy on your street today!