Monday, April 28, 2008

Excuse me while I go barf

No, I'm not pg or sick...I'm fighting a panic attack. It's really taking a lot out of me to try to be at peace with my husband right now. And I'm not being too successful with it. My chest is tight, I'm having palpitations, I'm nauseated and I'm on the brink of crying. What did he do? That mean mean man just went out on his lunch hour and bought us a BRAND NEW CAR!!!! Not a brand new to us car. A brand new, pay for 5yrs, zero miles on the odometer car. (he's waiting for a call from the dealer that the loan has been approved under the terms he asked for)

I'm telling you the man is insane! He's getting a loan based on the promotion is 99.95% sure to get VERY soon. Yes, it'll cover the loan and then some. But he hasn't even started in the new position yet, much less seen a paycheck! I know we'll make do no matter what, we always do. It's just hard to accept since a car payment wasn't anywhere in our 5yr plan (which was to get RID of our debt, including the mortgage so he could retire in 6yrs).

That Grrrr I mentioned in my Jeopardy post below... That's what's been happening here the last week or so while we've hashed out what route to go toward aquiring a car. We definitely need a car to ram around in. The van's gas guzzling has far exceeded our gas budget. It only gets 10-12 mpg and I'm driving 80-120 miles most days. The question was....what type of car to beater car ($2000), newer used car($8000), or brand new ($15000). I was shooting for the first two categories, Tom was convinced the latter one was the best option. I get why he's saying it. It has a warranty, it should be entirely dependable for quite a while, and he's sick of dealing with broken down cars. I just can't wrap my head around commiting to a car payment for 5yrs when we're trying to get rid of monthly payments. Not to mention our insurance payments are going to go through the roof with the required collision and figuring in my accident/ticket from last August.

I've been spending the last 4 days on craigslist trying to find a suitable vehicle and thought we had some ones to check out. I even asked Tom last night if I was wasting my time looking and he told me no. Guess that wasn't entirely true.

I can't believe this is effecting me like it is. I've NEVER been scared of debt or dealing with bills. I certainly haven't been afraid to drive before. Now though, I'm shaking in my boots at the thought of driving a BRAND NEW CAR. It's not like we never had a new car before, we bought the Saturn when Carrie and I went to Boston. Granted by the time I had a chance to drive it it'd been broken in nicely (15+wks after we bought it). I was joking that the new rule with the car left turns! Tom replied...with the great gas mileage, I can afford to get there by going the loooong way. lol

Tom informed me he used me as a bargaining tool. He explained that I'm not a monster but was an extremely hard sell (I informed Tom I haven't been sold on it yet!) and if the dealer couldn't make the deal with the numbers Tom needed to see, there'd be no deal. So the verdict is in...the dealer did the deal with even a lower interest rate then Tom was planning. So on Wednesday Tom will be driving home our very own Tan 4dr 2008 Hyundai Sonata.


~Tammy~ said...

Things will work out.
Enjoy the new car!
You could send Danielle out to scratch it up by drawing on it with a rock- you know, so that you aren't worried about putting a scratch on it. (That happened to us with a new-to-us truck when my kids were little)

Belssings to you!

Anne said...

Oh my gosh! A NEW NEW car??? I can't even begin to imagine that. Used you as a bargaining tool ... LOL Hey, go with what works, right?