Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I jinxed myself!

When Liz and Carrie were being seen at the dr's on Monday the NP asked how's everyone else at home? The respiratory stuff still around? I proudly said NOPE! We're all healthy! *smacks forehead* FOOLISH FOOLISH WOMAN! That's a jinx waiting to happen!

And here it comes...Val stayed home from school yesterday and slept unti 2:30. She said she didn't feel good. I thought it was just the aftermath of going nonstop from the play. She's home again today, she's still sick and now says she thinks there's blood in her pee...sounds like another infection and a trip to the dr is in our future.

ROFL!!! The school nurse JUST called to report that Luke got hit in the FACE with a bowling pin. It put his teeth through his lip and she wasn't sure if it needed a stitch or not. She wanted to know if I wanted to come get him or if he should ride the bus (it leaves in 20mins). I picked the bus for him. (not laughing at him or his injury...but at the fact that I it fits so nicely into this post)

Getting back to the original thought here. I'm further jinxed by Sean being fussy all night long. He wouldn't stay asleep for very long and nursed a lot. This morning he woke up with a fever...from what I have NO idea. He is cutting a tooth but this fever is too high for that. Also he never broke out in one for the other 3 teeth he's gotten. I'm sure my SILs and niece are thrilled with this tibit since we were all together yesterday.

And wouldn't you know Eileen was complaining of a sore throat this morning. I think she's working on a cold starting. I feel bad for hoping it's a cold but I'd rather it be a cold then strep. I'm so done with strep this year thankyouverymuch.

Anyways enough whining...onto fun things! Val's friend had pictures from the play on her facebook. I grabbed one to share here that featured Val. She's the one in the center of the pic with her hands held high.

UPDATE on Luke....he's off the bus and ok. While it looks ouchy, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do anything with the cut. It's on the inside of his lip (thought it was THROUGH the lip meaning needing a stitch on his face)


truth said...

What a silly mama. You should know better than to ever say anything out loud like that.

Mirz said...

Oh gosh. It *is* always something, isn't it?!