Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Thoughts....Jeopardy style

  1. PHEW!
  2. tick, tock, tick, tock
  5. :o(
  6. :o)
  7. Grrrrrrrr
  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!
  9. Guilt
  10. SUCKER
  11. Look longingly and drool
  12. *Heavy sigh*
  13. OOPS!
  14. Guilt
  15. <3 <3 <3 (those are hearts...for those that are over 20 and without teenagers)
  16. On the verge of tears
  17. Silently praying
  18. Shaking my head
  19. Scratching my head
  20. Huge smile on my face
  21. Grunt and groan

  1. Sound I made as I walked out of my bedroom and realized Sean stayed napping.
  2. The seconds counting down until Sean wakes up and/or I have to go back out the door, whichever comes first.
  3. First thing I said this morning thanks to a killer headache
  4. The sound I thought my head would make at any second
  5. How I felt while fighting the need to barf, knowing it didn't mean there was a treasure waiting for me in 8, 7, 6 months
  6. How I felt after playing Pollyanna and thanking God I wasn't feeling like barfing due to chemo.
  7. How I feel while talking to dh about buying us a brand new, newish, used, dirt cheap car.
  8. The exact reaction I said I'd have if gas ever went over $3.50/gal at BJ's Wholesale Club (by far the cheapest place in was $3.539 this AM)
  9. The emotion I feel as I sit here and type instead of getting something productive done
  10. Words written across my forehead
  11. What I'm do as I hand over the beautiful Blackberry I ordered on Tues to Drew for his birthday present (he gave me his 3mo phone as a replacement)
  12. Sound I make when I realize that Sean's nap only lasted 5 seconds.
  13. What's said when reality hits and I find out Sean's nap was more like 30-45mins.
  14. The feeling caused by wanting Sean to sleep longer stretches
  15. Me feeling all squishy while I sit here and nurse my handsome cuddly guy
  16. How I felt during a discussion of God with older kids and the discovery that they are basically atheists
  17. What I do and will continually do for all my children
  18. What I'm left doing after reading a genius' inaugural twitter of..."pooping". Who is this kid? And why is he calling me mom?
  19. What I do as I stand in front of the fridge and realize I don't know what to make for dinner (even though I've had a menu planned out since Sun or Mon)
  20. What I look like when I hear the bus pull up, knowing that it's Friday. Even though it also means I need to be out the door in minutes.
  21. Me trying to get my fat behind out of my chair and out the door

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truth said...

{{HUGS}} Some days are like that (or is that everyday?)Give Sean a hug for me too.