Friday, April 18, 2008

Bowling with the TODAY study

We had a fun time bowling on Thursday. Liz took lots of pictures.

We loaded everyone into the van and started down the road

Then we ran into some construction and had to wait.

I couldn't figure out why a construction worker was frantically waving us through the work zone. They usually are yelling at people to SLOOOOW DOWN! Then I looked in my rear view mirror and saw an ambulance about 4 cars back. UHOH! We had to get through the workzone as there was no room to pull over.

We got to the lanes and everyone piled out of the car (I'll have to have someone shoot a video of that sometime, I hear it's quite comical). Everyone got the proper sized shoes and over to the lanes we went.

They're painted like that to show up really cool under the black lights during cosmic bowling.

Our family divided up into 2 teams. Liz, Luke, Carrie, Jake and my niece Amanda on one lane.

Me, Eileen, Olivia, Danielle and my niece Emily on another. After bowling a frame we decided it would be best for our team to use the bumpers...phew!

There were plenty of snacks to be had, all healthy for the diabetic kids.

We passed Sean around since I wasn't ok with him sitting on the alley rug...YUCK! Poor guy has started getting a cold and is teething. So was fussy at times.

During the afternoon we...

Tried to convince our ball to go where we wanted...

Tried new techniques...

And tried out the hand blower...

Dad dropped in for a few minutes after work. He threw on my shoes and threw the ball for a few frames. I was talking to the today study coordinator when she saw him bowling. Luckily I noticed her face change, realized what she was reacting to, and quickly explained that that was my dh. She was so relieved and told me she was just about to go up to that man and kick him out of here. WHO DID HE THINK HE WAS!?!? LOL

After being there for over 2hrs our time was up. We cleaned up, returned our shoes and headed back into the van. We went to my sister's to drop off the girls and then headed to the grocery store for a few things. Then we drove off into the sunset and headed home.

And if you didn't get enough of the afternoon. There's a few more pictures in my photobucket acct.

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