Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ambitious Ideas

I FORGOT it was Friday yesterday! That means that Liz missed a really fun evening fundraising dinner and I missed chat. I HATE when I do that!!! Being summer vacation and having Tom home all week certainly didn't help.

I bullied Tom into taking me into the city while he got his paycheck. I kept saying....the store is right around the corner!!! Why should you run in and then I have to turn around and run back in?!?!? We were almost to the grocery store when I realized....Tom's shop got moved 2 wks ago and the store is on the opposite side (and through a really bad traffic area) of where he needs to go now. OOPS!!! Poor guy. I totally messed up his plans. How does he put up with me? He didn't do one of the errands he intended to do, but I got to the grocery store. When he came to pick me up I asked if we could run through Sam's. He was NOT happy about that either but we did. I'd say it was our date, I'd have liked for it to be a date, but it was a pretty tense time for both of I won't. Maybe next time. LOL

Most of the day way was spent relaxing. Tom was excited because his brother fixed the riding lawnmower. So now he can tidy up the's really been bugging him.

Now the ambitious ideas part of this entry. I am DETERMINED to get some major work around here done. It's already 11am (1.5 hrs after I thought I'd start) but at least we have a couple hours before Tom will be heading to the dump. I plan on giving him tons of things to bring.

I figure what better way to make sure they get done then to announce them to people and then hold myself accountable to them about it later. So here's what I plan to get done today....

Clean both bathrooms
Laundry...TOWELS again and WHITES at least
Clean out cupboards...moths are getting bad
Clean off my counters once and for all!
Wash EVERY dish that's dirty
Wipe down appliances

If everything works out well....even get into the library. The girls have been digging through my totes of fabric and found some things they want me to make into skirts and such. I've been getting a hankering to sit and sew too, so it would be nice to get that area all taken care of. to get everyone moving and grooving! I'll report back later!!!

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