Saturday, November 20, 2004

Almost but not quite

My stove is here! It's only in the livingroom but it's here, in the house so that counts as something. My SIL D and I went and picked it up in their pickup. What a laugh that was! Lowe's couldn't FIND IT!!! How do you loose a stove? Loosing something is NOT a good thing to do to a couple of TOK moms on a schedule. Both our kids needed to be at church by 7. We thought getting out of Wal-mart and getting to Lowe's by 5:20 would be plenty of time to get us home by 6:30 (only 20mins driving time to D's house at the most). NOPE! They didn't load the stove into the truck until almost 6:30!!!! Luckily I bought us both boxes of fried chicken for dinner so they had something to eat as we ran back out the doors.

Tom wasn't feeling so hot so I converted the stove over to propane myself. Here I thought it was just a simple matter of turning over one thing on the regulator. Wrong again, it took forever. Mostly because I didn't have the right tools. Not that I don't possess the tools, just that I have NO idea where my tool box is right now. It's been under the pool deck all summer but supposedly it's not there not. (took Tom's word for it). Someone's in trouble if I go out there today and find it where I left it!!! ;o) I'm terrified I didn't do something right or didn't tighten something tight enough and we're going to blow up as soon as we try to use it!!!

It was after 10:30 by the time I got it all done. Tom went to bed so I decided to wait until the morning to finish. So as I type this it's sitting in my livingroom with my old oven pulled out and in the middle of the kitchen. My house is a DISASTER AREA!!! In the guise of cleaning and organizing we tore the place apart. When D called to see if I could run to WM I did the only logical thing and just left it! Whatelse was I to do?!? We needed to get the stove and we were out of milk, eggs and bread. My family was starving!

So I have my work cut out for me today. Turn off the gas, hook up the stove, test it and adjust it (hopefully I won't need to do that too much!) Then we'll dump the old stove, clean and organize the livingroom and kitchen/diningroom. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to get some laundry done. Don't want to go to church naked!

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