Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The plans of men.....

As usual the plans end up not being fulfilled. Saturday was a fun day and went along fine. All the kids looked cool and had a blast. We had pizza for dinner, played the required games of balloon stomp, and filled grocery bags with tons of candy! I also handed out glow stick bracelets and mini bottles of bubbles.

Sunday was the problem. I got out the door with the 5 youngest kids (other ones were sticking around our house with their friends) shortly after the 1pm time I'd thought of. I consider that on time as long as there's no appointment time to have to adhere too. I made a huge pan of lasagna rollup that I've never made before. It was easy and everyone loved it, even if it looked kinda gross (lots of spinach in it).

At 3pm my dad and I ran to the grocery store to grab some things for dinner and more candy (mom was afraid they didn't have enough). When we returned from the store Olivia was upstairs whimpering. We assumed she was offended because I wouldn't let her go and my mom made her come back in the house instead of standing outside crying her eyes out as we drove off. I went up to talk to her and she told me her head hurt. When I picked her up she was burning up. UGH! There go the plans of visiting MIL's house. I couldn't take Olivia over there with my MIL on dialysis and such (list of things she's dealing with would be pages long...let's just say she's a walking miracle). D was also going to have her kids there so I didn't want to infect them. I called MIL and let her know.

As we were serving dinner Olivia had a meltdown. I laid her on my mom's bed and she immediately fell asleep. After dinner we got everyone's costume on. I asked my dad if he wanted to go out with me and he agreed. :o) I didn't want to leave my mom with an upset Olivia if she woke up. I also didn't want Olivia to miss out on TorT'ing so I woke her up....or I tried. It took a bit but she finally came out of it and got her costume on. We walked around the block (1 mile trip) and the kids made out like bandits! Folks tend to hand out big things and lots of them when there isn't a huge population of kids in the neighborhood. Even when I was a kid there weren't too many kids around, although my dad said more and more families with kids are moving in. At one point (not even halfway) Olivia put me on notice that she had ENOUGH candy and wasn't going to anymore doors! LOL I informed her she did NOT and Mommy needed some too. ;o) She actually did well and walked about half the block. I carried her on my shoulders the rest of the way. She wasn't feverish and was in a great mood by the time we were done. My sister with her 3 girls and my brother with his 2 kids (1 girl, 1 boy) stopped by. We ended up getting home a little before 10:30. From what I hear there were about 30 people hanging out at MILs house (3 families) and they all had a ball.

Monday morning was a hard one. The kids were exhausted and didn't want to go to school. I didn't make Carrie get up for Sunrise Scholars (reading program an hour before school starts). I ended up with Liz and Luke home. I came home on Sunday night to find Liz complaining of a sore throat (she had gone TorT'ing with the Bs). It was really bothering her on Monday morning. Luke was complaining of a headache and informed me that he smashed the back of his head on the van door when we were leaving my parents' house. UGH! WHY wouldn't he tell me about it when it happened!?!? Olivia's head still hurt her and her throat was starting to get sore.

I always let the kids fight an illness at least 24hrs on their own before I take them into the dr. (unless there's reason to take them in earlier, like with Carrie's meningitis) I figure it allows their body to build up a defense against things, gets the body working like it should be and the antibiotic (if needed) will be more a booster instead of a cureall. Not sure if that makes sense or not. Sorry if it doesn't, it's hard to describe in a few words. Anyways, Liz is still home from school and not feeling well. Olivia is the same so we will be going into the dr's for a 2:15 appt.

The appt gives me a chance to go to Walmart and see if there is any Halloween candy left! LOL I need to get my prescriptions refilled too. So even if there's no antibiotics given today (sometimes they don't want to medicate until the throat culture results are in) I'll probably run to WM.

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