Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I feel like I HAVE to post yet when I sit here nothing I write seems right. I'm in a total fog over the Woerlen's and Van Stralen's loss. I find myself checking Toronto's newsite to see the latest updates on things. I really have no idea why. The fact that Monika and the kids are gone is enough to deal with, I really don't need the details to. Like the details will make it easier to deal with...I don't think so.

Tonight we're having a prayer meeting to help start dealing with this. I hope I can make it. I feel like I need to make it there. Unfortunately the nights here are jampacked and getting away is difficult. The good thing is tomorrow is Veteran's Day so Tom and the kids (not the college ones though) are home. No worry on having to get up early. :oD

I need to get busy. Things around here can't stop even though I want them to. Proceeding forward is a good thing though.

Liz has been having a cruddy week or so. I wrote that I was taking her to the drs a few posts ago. The dr we saw is a..."don't medicate unless the throat cultures shows you need to" type of guy. This meant that Liz was going to be out for a while. 24hrs to get the results, over 24hrs on antibiotics before she could return to school. As it came out Wed afternoon...Olivia's culture was positive and she was treated. Liz's was negative and he wouldn't treat her. HUH!?!?! Olivia was bouncing around here just fine and Liz was still out of it on the couch. Oh well, guess we'll deal with it.

Thursday night Liz was still complaining of her head and throat hurting. She was also burning up now (something new). I called the dr office on Fri morning and told them. Luckily they didn't insist on seeing her. (I think sharing the fact that Olivia was using Liz's toothbrush helped that LOL) I don't think Liz would've had enough energy to take a shower and get out the door.

She was starting to feel a little better by Saturday night and even better yet on Sunday. Unfortunately she got hit big time on Monday with canker sores. Her whole mouth and throat are coated with them and her lips are swollen. I hadn't realized she'd never had them before. I've had a few kids who've had a lot of them the first time they get them. Drew was the first and he didn't eat for a week (had lips covered in cold sores too). He lost 6 lbs on a 32lb bodyframe...not good. We're trying to keep Liz fed in soft bland foods but there isn't that much that I can think of! I have to call school and get her work sent home. She's missed Tues and today again. :o(

Luke seems to be handling school a lot better this year. He got an A++ on a science test....16 out of 15 score (bonus should see how detailed he answered that one! lol) He's always been a science whiz. The things they are learning have me scratching my head. I don't remember having to deal with all these things. Monday night was the cell project. This is right up his alley...creative and hands on! It came out pretty cool!

Eileen did great on Monday when we did her first day of spelling studying. I'm not sure if it's the set of words or not. I did notice she didn't ask me how to make letters very much or try to guess which letter made which sound (although a few times she did). I need to work with her MORE!

As usual the nights leave me wondering if someone is getting left behind and if we're doing enough for them. I know the TV is on WAY to much around here. It was so much easier when we were TV free.

Hmmm...this seems to have been a good thing. Lots of things are coming to my mind on what I've wanted to talk about. Guess I'll try to get something done around here and then post later. I feel like I've rambled on enough for one post.

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