Thursday, November 11, 2004

This is good

I find writing here to really be a help this week. It occurred to me last night that I haven't really shared too much of my personal faith here before. I tend to keep that part private...probably too private, especially around this house. And for those that aren't interested in this, I'm sorry. It's an important part of me whether I share it or not.

I've been amazed by amount of time Monika and Marc come to the front of my thoughts throughout the day. Almost everything I do brings something of them or the situation up. Climbing into bed and nestling up to a sleeping Tom brings thoughts of Monika and Marc as a couple. Having the kids climb into bed with me one by one this morning brought up Monika surrounded by all her kids at the conference center. Even doing the dishes brings up thoughts of Monika. Usually it's of us as teens serving at D & M's wedding, watching her sing with her family, or watching her deal with her kids during meetings (when I wasn't dealing with my own lol).

I've been surprised by the emotions that have come about because of this. I told someone that Monika and I haven't really had too much of an opportunity to talk since we've had families. Yet I feel like I lost one of my bestfriends. They reminded me that I lost a member of my family, a member of the body.

We've been knit together in something that none of us can fathom, yet we all know is great. This week has cemented me in my beliefs that this is the calling to which I've been called and this is the place that I belong. I can only hope that my actions can be a shining example as uplifting as Monika's have been to those around her.

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