Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ebaying the day away

I spent most of my day in front of the computer but not here. :o) I spent it at ebay. I decided to hit it up to get some Christmas presents taken care of. I can't say specifically what I bought but I got something for Drew, a few things for my mom, Michelle & Val (combo gift), something for Eileen or Olivia and 40 LED strobe necklaces to sell at the bazaar. Thinking on it now, I just hope they get here before Saturday morning!!! Oh well, if they don't then I have a bunch of stocking stuffers, presents for neices and girls' birthdays all next year. LOL They were less then $.50 ea. I think I'm almost done buying for Drew! I'm thinking of getting him a couple other things but nothing I really have to shop hard for. Pat, Michelle and Val are my hard ones. Although Pat did give me an idea...just not sure I want to buy it. I might have to hit ebay again ;o)

I'm pretty happy tonight. The kids are now on Thanksgiving Vacation!!! wooohoo! Every morning this week I kept reminding's only a 3 day week, it's only a 3 day week. The next few weeks until Christmasbreak are going to be hard after all these short weeks. Being super busy and getting exhausted doesn't help either. Seems my kids are always exhausted. Eileen wormed her way into staying home again today!!!!! Wish she'd like it more. She's the type of person that once it sinks in she'll have NO problem. Getting it to sink in though...UGH!!!

I ran out of dishsoap today. Actually one of the younger girls helped in that department. It was so weird to try to feed them dinner wihout any clean dishes. If I didn't need to take a shower and get properly dressed I'd have driven into the village myself. As it was I was at the mercy of Drew. I now have it but it was late before it showed up so things are still waiting for me.

We're still enjoying the oven. Tonight we had baked potatoes for dinner. Last night I made Carrie's pumpkin muffins for her Native American Indian project. They were pretty good! Here's where I found the recipe. I also made a quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies. I didn't have to run to the store for the chips after all! If it'd been a snack it'd have bitten me. Problem was it had lost it's original bag and was disguised in a gallon ziplock (I was looking for a shiney silver bag). I made them with half butter and half margarine. Liz took 3dz to school and everyone was going crazy over them! :oD

I didn't really work on anything for the bazaar today but I have some ideas that shouldn't take too long. It's mostly computer graphics stuff. Just wish I had my old graphic program...this new one is ok for quick picture fixes but doing complex things and I'm frustrated!

Tomorrow we'll be heading to my parents' house for turkey dinner. I guess we're the only ones that are going to be there for dinner. My sister and brother might pop over later in the evening for pie. Pat and Drew will be eating at Jessica's and Allison's house respectively. They've mentioned coming in for pie too but I'm not sure it's smart. It's suppose to start snowing tomorrow. On Friday I'll PROBABLY be heading out into the shopping madness known as Black Friday. I'm thinking I might, seeing things in other stores' ads that I can pricematch just might convince me to go. I'd like to get a few of the special priced things but I'm not sure how much I want them. Is putting my life on the line really worth it? A couple of the things are BIG things so fighting the crowds with them isn't too exciting. I'll talk to D tomorrow night and see if she's going. Drew and Allison will probably come again, we've gone out together for the last 2 or 3yrs now. I think the smart thing for me to do though is to take inventory of my closet first! Would be nice to know what I already have and for who it'll be.

Olivia is super excited for tomorrow! I don't remember being that excited...especially without all the commotion in the kitchen going on. It was just a day to eat and watch a parade. I wish I'd had my camera ready tonight though. She asked what was after Thanksgiving. I told her the next day is Christmas time when we start getting ready for Christmas, decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, etc. I don't think I've ever seen her eyes get that big before in her life!!! Of course Pat had to remind up that HIS birthday was what was coming up next. Guess I'll have to find the advent stuff soon.

Time it is a flying!

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