Saturday, November 20, 2004

Gentlemen....start your burners....

WE HAVE A WORKING OVEN!!!! It's nothing fancy but it's nice. The oven is actually a few inches bigger then my old oven, it might even be deeper. (tried to use my old oven racks in it and they didn't fit).

We had it hooked up before 10am but I didn't start baking until 3:30. At first I wanted to see if I could smell any escaping propane. Then I got busy doing things with the kids. Finally I decided if was going to use my kitchen it should be somewhat clean. So I cleaned in the kitchen for a few hours. IT's looking better but still has a way to go.

Tonight we enjoyed...
Funetti cake with cream cheese frosting.
French vanilla mini bundt cakes with peanut butter glaze
3 huge pizzas...pepperoni, cheese and garlic

What I really wanted to make was chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies. We are out of chips and raisins and almost out of oatmeal. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be going to the grocery store. I'll make the cookies Sunday night or Monday. (don't hold your breath though lol) Tomorrow I definitely need to make bread. Yuummmmmm! First though I have to get my rear out the door and to church!

My eyes are really bothering me from cleaning. I took Claratin but it didn't help like it did yesterday. I can barely see the screen right now. I hope my stuffiness doesn't grow into another sinus infection! I'm thinking I may as well push forward and keep digging stuff out. No sense recouping and then starting it all over again. It's keep the momentum going that's the problem.

A really nice thing happened tonight. Michelle had C over and Val had F over. Eileen and Olivia have a habit of clingy to whichever friend is over here. Poor F, everytime he stood near the girls they'd get his legs into a bear hug, look up at his face and start telling stories. I scolded the girls to not bug F and to leave him alone. F got all upset that I told them that. He said...Oh no! They don't bother me! I like coming here because all the kids like me! I like when they do that. It's nice! I love coming to this house! Just a benefit of a TOK family....lots and lots of maulings to go around! ;o)

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Chris said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Those foods sound yummy. Your family must be *thrilled*

I have had the urge to bake something today, but I'm not sure what I am in the mood for.