Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This Weekend

I think I'll post a few short separate posts today. I have lots of things running through my head but don't want them all running into together. I'll start from the beginning.

I deliberately didn't post this weekend, it was just too hard. I kept writing and deleteing. Nothing I said could get out how I truly felt. It wasn't a good time. I found myself crying on and off all weekend for every and no reason. While cleaning the bathroom floor I started singing a church song, broke down. While doing the dishes (EVERYTIME I did dishes actually) I'd start thinking, think too much and start crying.

I really was wishing I'd found a way to get up to Canada this weekend. Saturday was hard knowning that almost everyone was up there, being with the Woerlens and Van Stralens, and I wasn't. It was good to hear about it from those that were there though.

I am WOWing over an email I just received! I knew the community was supportive of Marc but this is amazing! It seems 3 radio stations held a telethon to start a memorial fund in the name of the Woerlen kids (the idea was to build a playground in their honor). By 11:30am they had raised almost twice their goal. By the end of the day the stations had raised over 5x their goal, with more to come!!! It's nice to be reminded just how good people can be instead of always hearing the negative.

And I'll end this section on that great note!

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