Friday, November 19, 2004

Made it through

parent/teacher conferences and didn't shed a tear in the whole ordeal! woohoo! Actually I was pleasantly surprised that the kids were doing well. Yes, they all have areas that are of concern but it's not a dire situation.

Luke and Carrie's teachers both mentioned that they thought they'd matured and were handling things better then last year! :o) Both of them had teachers that taught them for the last year and this one. I guess Luke is staying on task with only one reminder needed at times (never stayed on task at ALL last year...there was thoughts of starting meds.)

Jake's spelling and writing are low on his priority. We'll be working on it and studying at home more. Reading is picking up and she's decided she's going to push him a bit. Math is off the roof (especially money LOL). Eileen's struggling just like I thought. Her teacher and I both think once it kicks in though she won't have a problem. She has always loved to write and copy letters...if she can only get the oral part of it down!!!

I LOVE Jake's teacher!!! Luke had her for 2nd grade too. She just gets the biggest kick out of the kids. She always finds something about them to praise. Jake has her hook line and sinker, being the joker that he is. She's very similar. She's one of the only teachers that I don't feel patronized from. I think part of it is that she's the youngest of nine kids. LOL Most other teachers sit there with huge smiles on their face, nodding their head saying....I bet, I can only image, well you can only do your best, blah blah blah. She just says...well that's what happens when you have a bunch of kids. She also readily points to the siblings to help out with studying and such.

Liz did great! I didn't have a conference with her teachers (she never got the paper for me to hand in...was home sick that week). I just asked for her report card. We all admitted she's doing well and her grades show it. She's always been my academic freak...looking for work to do in her spare time, etc.

On the way out the door I got roped in and bought Luke, Carrie, Jake, Eileen and Oliva each a new book at the book fair. I bought...

Lemony Snicket, The Meanest Doll in the World, Captain Underpants, Junie B Jones and a DW (Arthur) book. They were all excited and have already started reading it. Somehow though Eileen lost her Junie B book between climbing into my bed with it and handing it to me!!! It's in my room somewhere...we'll find day...maybe when we find her dad's wallet.

Michelle and Val have school tomorrow but the rest are home. Hopefully I can get them all working! I definitely want to clean the inside of the fridge while it's empty (need to go grocery shopping!) Kitchen and Livingroom still need help! I also have to take Carrie to get her new glasses.

Tom's made plans with D's husband to use his pickup tomorrow night to pick up my stove. So hopefully by this time tonight I'll have a working oven!!! Maybe I'll have baked something and devoured it already! Hmmmm...what to bake first?'ll be sitting her on Sunday whining that the 'toopid thing is still sitting in it's box in the livingroom!

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