Tuesday, November 16, 2004

3rd time is the charm?

Now that I've rambled on about my week to be, how about I talk about what's happening now. I haven't had a nephew B update in a while. (story here) He's headed back to surgery. It seems that while they concentrated on the huge gash on the front of his leg, there was some damage to the tendon in the back also which wasn't a real concern at the time. He's been having infections in there on and off since his accident 3mos ago and has been on antibiotics nonstop. The dr was optimistic that long term antibiotic care would be the answer. Well, this week it looks like something gross exploded under his skin back there. He went back to the doctor last night. They opened it up a bit and took a culture to see what it is. They're thinking that it's not healing well because there isn't the greatest blood supply to the tendons, that they might have missed an object or germ when first treating them (due to concentrating on the front), and/or that there is damage in there. They were suppose to find out when the surgery would be today. I haven't heard yet. We were joking that they only had Wed available for it...is that ok with you? LOL TOK....sorry! too busy to fit in surgery.

I never updated about volleyball tryouts. Val MADE the team! YEAH! She's a 9th grader and didn't think she had a chance. Looks like she might even be a starter! Great boost for her. I'll survive figuring in practices and games...it's not really THAT hard. Just something that would make life easier if I didn't have to do. Tonight is an example. Val's had her dentist appt for 6mos now. Practice is at 5:15....dentist appt is at 3...they're 45mins apart and I have 7 other people that need to be seen after her. Luckily Tom is half way into the city so he'll be stopping by to pick her up after work, although he's not really suppose to have "civilians" in his county truck.

Oh to be FOUR! Olivia is absolutely giddy with the thought of Christmas. She's been driving me crazy, collecting things around the house, wrapping them up and asking me to help her label them. I think her cousin "L" has at least 7 presents around here already. Oh well maybe this will be good. We can be generous, giving and declutter all at once! LOL It might not be so irritating if we'd already celebrated Thanksgiving. I still have this old fashion notion that Christmas season doesn't start until after Santa makes his appearance on the Thanksgiving Parade. As soon as I see him I start...usually by putting on Christmas music. Hopefully she'll be contagious and by the time Thanksgiving rolls around I'll be chomping at the bit to get started. Maybe I'll start this weekend and make a batch of christmas cookies in my NEW OVEN and freeze them! ;o)


Kathy said...

Kim, I was just reading your last entry about Carrie and the Flu Shot. I definitly don't think you should feel guilty about taking it away from someone else. Considering all that she has had to deal with. I think a Bone Marrow Transplant recipicant definitly fits the bill. Not to mention how sick she was last winter with the meningitis.

I am pregnant and qualify and didn't get one, so there she can have mine.LOL.

Olivia sounds like my youngest kids and Christmas. They keep making lists and losing them and making them again. Grace loves to wrap up presents from around the house too:-)

Chris said...

Like Kathy, I didn't get the flu shot I could have either. So there are two "extra" Carrie can have ;-)

Your nephew has been through so much, hopefully this is the end! And Congrats to Val, even though in a month you will probably be cursing all the driving you have to do LOL